Sexual Tension and a Poll on LOST

I’m going to spill a deep dark secret – I’m obsessive, especially about good writing which explains in part my interest in All Things Buffy.  Buffy probably had some of the best writing ever on television and with it gone, I’ve experienced a profound television viewing void.  Of course, I’m filling that void with programs like House, Veronica Mars, Supernatural and another cult favorite – LOST.

On the topic of LOST, somehow television executives have decided that we should go for weeks on end with no new shows, a phenomenon I can’t understand and a sure fire way to lose viewers in my humble opinion.  So, since we will apparently face weeks without a new show shortly–  and since I’m obsessive remember – what better way to pass the time than to conduct a scientific study on sexual tension on LOST!! How you ask?  We’ll I’ve set up a poll at my Newsletter/Contest loop and I’m asking you to vote on the question of:

Who would you like to see together on Lost?

Kate and Jack

Kate and Sawyer

Because I understand obsession, I’ve also added a few long shots like:

Kate and Locke

Kate and Hurley

and of course, Kate and Juliet for all of you into Slash Fiction out there.

If you’d like to offer your comments on the poll and/or the choices, please post them here!

Here’s a link to the Poll Blog:

Kate/Sawyer/Jack/Hurley/Locke/Juliet/LOST Poll 

Thanks for all your votes and comments in advance! Caridad

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