Books of the Heart – THE CALLING’s Diana and Ryder

Sometimes you know from the moment the character comes alive for you that you have something special.  Something you truly believe in.  Almost everyone I know calls them “Books of the Heart” and they truly are because you believe in them no matter what anyone is telling you.

That was definitely the case with DARKNESS CALLS, which I had originally titled BORN TO DIE.  From the moment the character of Diana Reyes came to mind, I knew that I had something unique to do.  Being as special as she was, I knew Diana needed something equally as complex and compelling and Ryder Latimer was born.

Why Ryder?  We had a delightful waiter at an anniversary dinner once and his name was Ryder.  I thought, this is a great name.  But why Ryder as he is?  Diana is dark, possibly even darker than the monsters she chases after.  I needed someone as dark, but also someone who was as honorable as she was.  Someone who believed that good could triumph eventually.

I think that’s what drew them together — that they both saw beyond the tough exteriors to the souls beneath searching for something.

The original story didn’t end happily.  I didn’t think it could right away with Diana and Ryder because they were just too complex with too many layers to peel away before I could really reach the heart of them.  I immediately knew there would be another story and told my editor that.  Surprisingly, she was receptive to the idea and DEATH CALLS was born.

DEATH CALLS begins with the Happily-Never-After I had envisioned in the first book.  Two people torn between their love and the realities of the world around them.  In Ryder’s case, the vampire underworld which he can no longer deny and which calls to him more and more everyday.  Especially when he realizes he can use his vampire powers for good causes.  For Diana, it is the call of the normal world, reminding of all she is giving up not just by loving Ryder, but by choosing the rough path of being an FBI agent.

Like DARKNESS CALLS, this became a book of my heart as I explored the struggle between Diana and Ryder and all that would make them happy.

Does it end with a Happily-Ever-After?  I won’t give it away, but it’s clear to me there’s at least one other chapter that needs to be written for Diana and Ryder.  The proposal for that work has already been submitted to my editor and I hope she likes the concept well enough to let me write DEATH CALLS AGAIN.

Thanks for all your support of THE CALLING series and of Diana and Ryder!