Things for which to be thankful

 When Thanksgiving rolls around every year, I take the time to consider all the things for which I am thankful and find that there are so many.

To start, the family that has always supported me in everything I do.  All my friends who offer me advice, comfort and keep me on my toes.

Then of course, there’s the day-to-day things for which to be grateful.  A job that’s let me meet so many interesting people and visit countries all over the world.

My passion — my writing — and all the fans, booksellers and editors who make it all possible.

Finally, but not last, this country.  A nation that accepted my family when we had nowhere else to go and gave us the opportunity to embrace the American dream

I never forget the last because everything that I have is because of the fact that I am here and not in Cuba.

Of course, there’s one last thing for which to be thankful — the men and women who have over the years fought to preserve the American dream and who continue to fight for us.  So, I’m thankful for our military and all that they do to keep our freedoms intact.

But, now for the fun stuff about Thanksgiving!  The table up there was set by my sister Carmen at her home.  Next came a great meal with two kinds of turkey — one slow roasted with some great juice potatoes and the other deep fried and injected with hot sauce!  Yum!

Here’s my brother-in-law Mike busy cooking the fried turkey outside in the rain.  Luckily, it was just misting and not the downpour that had started earlier in the night.

Besides the great turkeys, all kinds of great appetizers, squash bake, mashed potatoes, chorizo stuffing and plain stuffing, asparagus and assorted breads — my contribution to the feast.  Including amongst them the ever popular cranberry maple muffins.

To end the wonderful meal, a collection of amazing pies and a tres leches made by my niece, who is studying to be a chef!

For those of you in the United States, I hope you all had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!