Fashion Friday First!

Samantha's Name is Fashion! Samantha Scordato here. To give you the latest fashion tips a girl can provide. Before I do go into the yays and nays of fashion I decided to give you a little about me first. I am 17, yes Caridad is my mom and I am in love with writing as much as she is. I have journals beyond journals filled with stories and other ideas. It lets me express myself. But fashion, for some reason, has become my passion.

I have to say Mary-Kate and Ashley were the ladies who inspired it but Betsey Johnson was the woman who kept me going. She is the Fashion Idol of my life, besides this one girl in my school who has the sweetest fashion in the entire world (sweet means cool. Just in case you were wondering). I have recently been accepted to Marymount University in Virginia, and am waiting for a letter from Philadelphia University. If you are wondering “why not FIT?” the reason is simple. If I decide that maybe fashion is not what I see myself doing in the future then I would have no other options at FIT. I am not dissing FIT, far from it. I went there for summer sources and it was the best. I learned a lot of cool things, but I would need to transfer and that would be a whole sticky mess and I didn’t want to go through that. So I am going to a liberal arts college where if fashion is not my passion I can go into something else. Like writing!

Okay so obviously winter is coming up and boots are a big fashion statement for the season. I love boots. Absolutely love ‘em. High boots, low boots, heels, flats. Boots rock.

I work at Bakers, the shoe store, and well I have seen a lot of boots. Grey leather. NAY! Black on the other hand, YAY! I love heels on boots. Sure not the best for shoveling snow, but they look damn good. I have to admit I am not a fan of the flat boots, but some people can wear them and even I have to stop and say “wow. I like those!”

Advice: If you get heels no matter what kind, boot or dressy, BUY NON-SLIPS. Look for a Bakers near you. The non-slips are $2.00 at Bakers. They go on the bottom of a shoe to give the shoe some traction. They save lives I tell you. Haha.

So that is my first fashion tip for all you people out there. If you have any questions about anything, Clothes, shoes, accessories… please leave a comment here! I hope I can help.

7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday First!”

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  2. OHHHHH gosh! I WANT a pair 😉 would go so with my outfit for New Year’s *sigh* …

    p.s. have them open a store here, right now *lol*

  3. Awesome Samantha look forward to it *grin* … can you forward me the link would love to see! Oops perhaps not, might do something rash and just order online, is that possible ~ quickly hide credit card ~ LOL

    I prefer to wear pumps or boots with my jeans – not really a big fan of flats, as I love to have height … perhaps gotta do with having men that I meet must always be much higher than me *grin*

  4. Sam, no, you are NOT old enough to go to college. (I feel so old.) Congratulations on Marymount! Are you wanting to be a fashion buyer, or designer, or…? And will we see you on Project Runway somday? (Best. Show. Ever.)

    Anyway, I can see why your mom brags about your writing–that was a great blog. If fashion doesn’t work out, consider English!

    Here’s a question for you: Skinny jeans–the devil, or just a horrible mistake that will soon go away?

    (Because this Latina looks like a giant blueberry with tiny feet when she tries them on.)

  5. Rita. HOLY CRAP. SOUTH AFRICA. yeah i will try to get one there for you. Bakers Rocks. working there is such a blast. yeah it can be expensive. if you ever go onto the Bakers website. look up Francescas. OMG those shoes are to die for.

    I am not gonna lie Tracey I love Skinny Jeans. especially with a pump or the new flats. AMAZING. it is a Yay on my book. yeah i can see that latinas may not look the best in them. big bootys dont make for apealing skinny jeans. but i like the way i look in them. they are really comfortable. and yes project runway rocks. i cried when Daniel vosovic admitted he was gay. 🙁 i almost skipped school the next day. haha

  6. Hi Samantha, wow sounds like the arts talent is firm in your blood. Gosh wish I had found my passion that early in life! Best of luck with your studies further.

    I love shoes and being that I’m situated so far away from all the fashion houses, it gets very expensive, but I can’t resist on splashing on my weakness on shoes and lingerie – Heck when I travel to Brazil I had to pack my shoes in a separate bag and yep did return home with 2 extra pairs of heels *lol* I totally agree – boots are must byes in everyone girl closet…

    *sigh* Bakers unfortunately is not available in South Africa, but if you whisper in their ears perhaps they’ll want to open a store here *grin*

    Nice chatting with ya – Ciao

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