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2007 is here and with it a lot of great things happening, both personally and professionally. Professionally, I’ve got a whopping 6 releases, including a free novella at Plus, I’m working on a lot of interesting new books, including a proposal for another three books in THE CALLING Vampire series. Because of that, I’ll soon be launching a special site devoted exclusively to THE CALLING where you’ll be able to read about the mythology in the series, all the characters and lots of other interesting tidbits about THE CALLING.

To celebrate all those releases, I’ll be having a bunch of fun reader-oriented contests and events in the coming year. I hope you enjoy them!

If you want to know more about the current release and how I write, be sure to check out this interview at
Personally, I’ll be getting my daughter – and best friend – ready for college! She’ll be starting in September and will be going for a degree in fashion. In fact, if you visit on Fridays, Sammie provides some fashion tips on Fashion Fridays.

As always, thanks for all your support and the many wonderful e-mails I get from you!

DEVOTION CALLS – Available January 2007
In Spanish Harlem, real danger comes in nonhuman form. A night stalker haunts the barrio, feeding its insatiable hunger, craving the humanity only healer Ricardo Fernandez can give him. For Ricardo is cursed with the ability to heal, and hurt, by touch–a talent he hides behind the practice of Santeria.

Sara Martinez knows there’s no such thing as faith healing, until Ricardo’s gifts become her last hope. And Ricardo’s passion becomes something she can’t live without.

But when the night stalker uses Sara as bait, Ricardo must choose between two evils: lose the woman he loves or lose himself to the darkness of his powers.

4 Stars RT BookClub: “A thrilling installment . . . (a) breathlessly suspenseful and sensual love story.”
The Best Reviews: “Caridad Pinero is one author readers can consistently rely on to provide a fantastic paranormal romance. The star- crossed lovers are so very much alike, both fear opening their hearts though their reasons differ; she because she does not want it broken again while he is his afraid of rejection. The support cast include vampires and humans with everyone aware of Ricardo, a beacon of light for the unnatural to devour.”” a mesmerizing story which is suspenseful yet overflowing with emotionally charged scenes. . . DEVOTION CALLS is a remarkable story with strong characterization and an original plot filled with unforeseen twists.” “If you like the dark side then don’t miss Ms. Pineiro’s “The Calling” series. This latest book has just as much going for it as the rest. Blending the dark side of humanity (and other creatures) with that little bit of light to keep you interested is why you won’t want to miss this book. ‘Devotion Calls’ has that spark we look for in paranormal romances.”
Fallen Angel Reviews:” With an intriguing story, Caridad Piñeiro pulls us back into The Calling series. . . Ricardo and Sara were a wonderful couple that are so well written that you could picture them right from the beginning of the book. Mix in the paranormal and you have a recipe for success that I will reread over and over again.”

THE CALLING E-Book Bundle Now Available

If you’ve missed any of the earlier books in THE CALLING series and haven’t been able to track down a print version, then this e-bundle might be for you!

You get all three of the earlier books in one bundle for a wonderful price. To check out the bundle, please click here.

DESIRE CALLS Available April 2007
DESIRE CALLS a first for me — a free novella at DESIRE CALLS was a blast to write since I had two wonderful characters to work with — Stacia and Blake. Stacia is a two-thousand year old vampiress who we first met in DEATH CALLS. I hope that I will get to write a full story about this complex creature in a future novel. Blake is a sexy Billy Idol clone who first showed us he could be a hero in TEMPTATION CALLS. Like Stacia, I hope Blake will get his own novel and be reunited with his first love — Meghan Thomas from TEMPTATION CALLS.

For Pre-published Authors:
Check out the new section at that contains Resources for Writers. I’ll be adding more articles and interesting sources for you. You can also check out the links section on the blog which contains a lot of useful resources.

In January, I’ll be having two guests on my blog – Stacy Boyd, an editor at Harlequin and Caren Johnson, an agent. Both will be there to answer any questions you may have!

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This Month’s Contest Winners!

The winners of the Holiday Celebration Mini Garden Ornaments from Victoria’s Secret are:

drummersgirl_52 (yahoo id)
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The winner of the regular monthly contest is:

Gillis Family (Ap840 yahoo id)

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DEATH CALLS, Dec 2006, Silhouette Nocturne
DEVOTION CALLS, Jan 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
DESIRE CALLS, Apr 2007, Free Novella at
BLOOD CALLS, May 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
SECRET AGENT REUNION, Aug 2007, Silhouette Romantic Suspense
MOON FEVER with Maggie Shayne, Susan Sizemore, Lori Handeland and me!, Oct 2007, Pocket Books

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