Who’s the Hunk?

I always try to picture someone in my mind when I create the characters for the books. I definitely had one Hollywood Hunk in my mind when I dreamed about Ricardo Fernandez, the psychic healer from DEVOTION CALLS.

For today’s blog comments, can you guess who it is?

Here’s some clues:

He’s done at least one big screen movie in the past year — a WWII epic.
He was a regular on various shows on NBC.
He’s Latino and his sexiness grew on me slowly.

For a little bit more information on Ricardo and Sara, the hero and heroine in DEVOTION CALLS, I’m giving you a sneak peek at THE CALLING site that is under construction! Just click on these names (and no that’s not the hunk in the picture. I can’t use his photo on the site. The photo though could be one way that people see Ricardo)


Ricardo Fernandez
Sara Martinez

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I’ll post the answer to Who is the Hunk tomorrow morning!

4 thoughts on “Who’s the Hunk?”

  1. Was he in Flags Of Our Fathers? I’ve been trying to figure out who it is but I can’t.
    And, I’m bummed I missed the chat last night! I’m going to eat some dark chocolate Hershey kisses now. Hee.

  2. Sounds like a great character from what I read. For the life of me I cannot figure out who the actor is you are talking about. Guess it is because I don’t watch much tv. With a 2 month baby girl in the house I am lucky if I get enough sleep never mind get to watch any tv other than the Nick Jr. shows my 3 year old son likes to watch during the day. 🙂

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