What’s a Chupacabra?

First, here’s the answer the “Who’s the Hunk” question: Benjamin Bratt was the model for Ricardo Fernandez in DEVOTION CALLS.

He appeared in THE GREAT RAID, a WWII story about an Army Ranger raid to save American POWs in a Japanese camp. BB was also on LAW AND ORDER for several years and more recently, in the cancelled E-RING on NBC. I loved that show and boy could BB fill out that uniform nicely.

Congrats to Cathy for guessing the right answer!

The villain in DEVOTION CALLS is a chupacabra and many of you have asked what is a chupacabra?

Chupacabra (or chupacabras) means “goat sucker” in Spanish.

According to the legend (which is actually not all that old), the goat sucker kills animals by draining them of blood, much like a vampire. Sightings of the chupacabras have supposedly occurred throughout the Americas.

One theory as to the origin of the chupacabra is that it’s an alien pet that escaped. Another is that it’s either an alien genetics experiment that got loose or a human genetics experiment.

The chupacabra is described as being anywhere from 4 to 6 feet tall when upright, with green/gray scales, It has quills along its head and neck, possibly a long tail and clawed fingers. In addition, it has large glassy eyes that can be reddish in color.

I’ve given the chupacabra in DEVOTION CALLS a Beauty and the Beast twist as the demon was once human, but slowly became a chupacabra after being bitten by one. The bite occurred because the human lacked any compassion for a poor tinker. The tinker entices the man to look inside a box at something very special and the man gets bitten.

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5 thoughts on “What’s a Chupacabra?”

  1. I just e-mailed you and asked if it was Benjamin Bratt or someone else.
    Ahhh, the chupacabra. Years ago I read a really good book called THE HUNTRESS by Barbara Karmazin. Have you read it, Caridad? It’s really good.
    The alien hero has two weenies. lol!
    I think I have a chupacabra in my computer. Every time I try to post or look up something while in your blog my computer goes crazy!

  2. I saw an X-files re-run last week, where “El Chupacabra” was part of the storyline.
    A love triangle between a woman and two brothers.

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