Sammie’s take on purses

Sammie and her friend at Kutztown Fair in PennsylvaniaPurses. I love all purses but the latest craze seems to be ridiculously large purses. I give it a YAY!!!!

They are an amazing accessory which can go with almost everything. Girls in my school use them as book bags, but they also use them while shopping in the city or going out with friends. I know I do. Guess seems to have the cutest. We sell them in Bakers and I want them. Very expensive, so if you are on a budget I suggest going to PAC SUN.

Big purses are also great for those summer beach days. Ahh global worming seems to be doing New Jersey some good. Cute summer purses you can get away with now in the winter. So BIG purses are a yay!

I also love clutches. OMG! Too cute. These are more classy then the big bag. They are used for nights out or a date. The clutch is for special occasions. I am sorry, when I see someone in school carrying a clutch I say to myself, “What are you carrying in there? A tampon?” seriously, think before you walk out the door.

P.S. Sorry for posting so late. I have been super busy with FCCLA. Don’t ask about that.

P.P.S. — Mom is adding her note as relayed to her by another mom — Skinnies are totally in as well. What’s a skinny? It’s a small ID/Wallet Case that’s big enough to hold ID and some cash. Very big for girls headed to college. Sammie says they’re the latest thing for girls who also go to clubs since the skinnies fit right into their jeans. The skinnies are available in a number of stores and Coach had a wide selection of colors and designs.

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  1. well if you want a bigger bag that is not super big you should look for tote bags. they are just as big as a back pack but slightly more sophisticated. you might want to get one with a zipper to close the large section.

  2. I need to do better with purses. I tend to buy the minimum when it comes to shoes and purses and then wear them to death. Here’s what we need–a ridiculously large purse that distributes its weight so I don’t get a shoulder ache!

  3. I am addicted to purses. Can only use one for about two…three weeks tops before I need a new one. Do they have a 12 step program for purse addiction??

  4. Purses are always good. whenever i walk past a store that sells accsessories i always will myself to walk past it but it never seems to work. i have soooo many. i just recently got a Vera Bradley for christmas from a family member.

  5. I love purses too and have quite the collection.
    Please tell your MA that yesterday my roomy stopped at the Navy Exchange and bought and brought me DEVOTION CALLS. YAY!

  6. lol I usually have a big purse and a book bag both that I carry to work with me. Love the wallet for places where I need hands free. It is perfect for going places with kids can grab them in a hurry in necessary

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