Really really procrastinating!

Okay, so here it is again! I’d love your comments on it. There’s a few sections I’m thinking of changing — like the two sections (NYC and graveyard) so that the background isn’t as busy. What do you think?

If you cannot see the video below, then click here to see it at Youtube:

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″][/wmv]

5 thoughts on “Really really procrastinating!”

  1. lol I had to look at it twice to even notice the graveyard. I was to busy reading the words. New york didn’t bother me either.

  2. I liked it. The graveyard at the end does draw your eye away from the words on the screen though. What are you going to use for music?

  3. Leave it be! It’s excellent. I have my belly button pierced but I’m not thin like the woman in the video. Wish I was..*sigh*
    I want my 25 year old body back! lol!
    Really good job on the trailer, Caridad!

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