DEATH CALLS Top Fantasy Book of 2006

I am so excited that CATALINA magazine picked DEATH CALLS as the Top Fantasy Book of 2006! Thanks to CATALINA and all the members of the online CATALINA book club.

It’s an awesome club and totally free! Plus, you can chat with the authors of the books for an entire month. Where else can you do that? To join, you can either sign up at or send an e-mail to

I’m also excited that so many of your recent comments have said that you would like to see more of Diana and Ryder’s story.

You will see more of it in DEVOTION CALLS and as well, in later books. I had hoped to do yet another complete book with Diana and Ryder (#9), but we will have to wait and see what happens with the proposal which as we speak, is with the editor.

As for DEVOTION CALLS and how it impacts on Diana and Ryder’s story, the hero — Ricardo Fernandez — is a psychic healer and that power has a good side and a dark side. It also allows him to sense things about people, particularly illness.

Ricardo’s power will lead to an interesting development with Diana, but I won’t spill the beans and please, if you know already, don’t post a spoiler!! But I intentionally developed the next six books in the series with the continuing story arc revolving around what happened to Diana at the end of DEATH CALLS.

I did that because I thought that all of you would like that Diana mystery to slowly build from book to book. When will that mystery be resolved?

Look for more hopefully in book 9 of the series, although in each of the books coming up, you will get more and more hints as to what is happening with my absolute favorite character (if you hadn’t already guessed!)

Let me know what you think of this or whether you would rather know all at once.

Also, let me know what you think about Sara Martinez, the heroine from DEVOTION CALLS. When she first appeared in DANGER CALLS, there was something about her spunkiness and devotion to Melissa Danvers that said to me Sara had to have her own book.

If you want to know more about Sara, take a sneak peek at the new THE CALLING site we are developing by clicking here!

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  2. Your “Calling” series sounds great!! I just found your website–definately put you on my to be read list!!

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