Do you believe?

Do you believe in life energies and otherworldly things? In alternative treatments for illnesses?

I don’t know what made me choose such topics for DEVOTION CALLS, or maybe I do. When my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer (and a big KEEP IT UP for all of you who had New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking), we followed all the regular avenues for treatment.

Since then I’ve asked myself, were there others to try . . .

So, Life Energies? Are there such things?

In DEVOTION CALLS, Ricardo Fernandez has learned to augment the gift he was born with — the gift to heal or kill — by using certain meditation techniques. Research showed me what kinds of things people said they experienced in such states and from there, Ricardo’s experiences were born.

Alternative Treatments?

Much like I must have felt, Sara Martinez is willing to try anything to save her mother and so she visits Ricardo and relies on his powers.

So do they work? What do you think?

I know this — I do believe that prayer and meditation can accomplish things if the will is strong enough. If love is present. If you have read DEVOTION CALLS, you know what I’m talking about. If you know the scene to which I’m referring, let me know what you thought.

So, I guess I’m warning you all that there could be spoilers in the comments to this post, but they will not ruin the mystery in the story involving the chupacabra. They will, however, maybe give you something to think about.

As for the procrastination and all your comments to JUST DO IT! Okay, I am (and have been) hard at work on multiple sets of revisions. Right now I’m deep into the last of them which I hope to have ready within a week or two.

But even I need a little break and so while watching HOUSE last night (yes, I do watch TV and work at the same time), I took some of your suggestions and fixed the trailer I had done. Here’s the new one:
[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″][/wmv]

6 thoughts on “Do you believe?”

  1. I do believe in Miracles occur everyday and sometime we just can’t see them. Sorry but I can’t comment on the trailor. I’m just not good at doing things like that.

  2. Miracles occur every day. In our society, most are discounted as flukes or coincidence. To acknowledge such intervention would mean relinquishing control, I suppose.

    Just finished Devotion Calls. So refreshing to read a Nocturne hero who is actually human and not overly alpha-tized. I read Death Calls and thoroughly enjoyed it…and I’m not usually a vamp fan. I look forward to reading more of your series!

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  4. i believe that miracles do occur everyday, with going into remission to just being at the right place at the right time

  5. New trailer is great! I’ve been “doing it” myself. No..get your mind out of the gutter. Hee. I’ve been setting up all those doctor’s apts. I’ve been putting off. I have 4 this month. So far. UGH.
    I do believe there are life energies and otherworldly things. And I didn’t really put much faith in alternative treatments until just recently. My doctor recommended Red Clover for hot flashes. I’ve had breast cancer so I can’t do HRT. The red clover has helped immensely! It works!
    Sorry to hear about your Mom, Caridad.

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