Characters of the Heart

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Okay, characters of the heart. Diana Reyes and Ryder Latimer (DARKNESS CALLS, DEATH CALLS). Definitely special to me. Tori , Sylvia and Virginia from the Chicas books. Also sharing a place there. Your heart can never be too crowded with people you love.

Yes, I called them people because when you’ve been involved with them for so long, they almost become real which is why it’s so hard to think about letting them go . . . eventually.

Ryder is special because he represents so many different things. Eternal love. Strength. Honor. Caring. He was always a special character from the moment he came to life in my head.

Diana has many of the same traits, but she’s wounded and troubled. I wanted to find a way to make her whole and hence THE CALLING was created because even though each story is about different characters, in my mind, each story also takes Diana a step closer to becoming whole.

If you want to see how I originally pictured Diana and Ryder, you can click here for a sneak peek at some scenes that were either deleted or changed in DARKNESS CALLS. Once you visit there, you can also check out a slightly more intense scene that was changed in DEATH CALLS.

Much as Diana and Ryder represent the darkest aspects in my heart, Tori, Sylvia and Virginia are the light. The yin and yang of me.

Why Tori? Deep dark secret time here . . . She’s the one who is most like me in real life. Responsible. Dependable. Demanding of herself, but with a good heart and lots of buried passion (I luckily can release that passion through my writing!)

Sylvia and Virginia! I am so excited that their story will be coming out in September of this year. The tentative title for the book is SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN, but this book is so much more than a story about two women finally finding love. It’s a story about a headstrong and temptestuous daughter, Sylvia, who has a successful and sexy mom, Virginia.

The relationship between mother and daughter is special and it’s very similar to the relationship I had with my mom and which I know I’ve created with my daughter.

I also wanted to show that women in their forties are still sensual and desirable, especially since 40 is the new 20!

Do you have any characters you’ve fallen in love like that? (And it’s okay if they’re not in one of my books!) Let us know who and why?

4 thoughts on “Characters of the Heart”

  1. 40 might be the new 20 but I don’t feel 20! lol! Oh, that I could be sensual and desirable again. Catching up today, Caridad and I’m in a strange mood.

  2. I’m enjoying your blog. Pop by mine if you have a free minute. I’m working on my 3rd novel, due in 90 days to my editor at Putnam. Argh….

  3. I read a book by Bianca Darc that had an older heroine in it that I really like. It is called Border Lair. Since I am 40 myself. I don’t think 40 is old at all. lol

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