New Years Resolution Update

Maybe you’ve noticed the progress bar to the right of the blog. Maybe you didn’t. It’s a bar that’s measuring how much progress I’m making in keeping to my New Years Resolution to lose weight. I decided to put it up on the site for a couple of reasons. First, I hope it keeps me honest and keeps me off the sweets wagon. Second, I know a lot of you had the same resolution and maybe seeing how I’m doing will help you reach your goals as well.

I do have some hints to help with the diet.

First, we know why diets usually fail. Diet food is so damn tasteless. I’ll give you a quick recipe later on for a quick snack or meal that isn’t tasteless and will satisfy. I think that’s a key to staying on a diet — learn to make food with lots of flavor so that you feel satisfied after eating.

Remember to drink lots of water. It helps wash out the byproducts of burning all that fat and keeps things moving along.

Next, try to increase your activity, even if only a little bit each day. A fifteen or twenty minute walk at a nice clip will really help. Can’t do that much at one shot. Do 2 ten minute segments. Studies have shown that the effects of exercise are cumulative (but 20 minutes is key for aerobic health).

Last, but not least, don’t give up just because you blow one day. Nobody is perfect, so don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t stick to your diet. Just don’t do it too often.

Anyway, here’s that tasty snack/meal. I can’t take credit for all of it. The basic idea for the soup came from something on HGTV. I think the garlic bread thing came from Giada’s Everyday Italian, but regardless, it’s tasty and relatively low fat.

The Soup:

  • Plain Ol’ Campbell’s Tomato Soup (to keep it low fat, made with water and not milk. If you want to use milk, use skim or low fat milk).
  • One of the following:

  • Chopped or minced Jalapeno peppers
  • Your favorite chunky tomato-based salsa
  • Here’s how easy it is:

  • Make the soup as per the instructions on the can. When the soup has been thoroughly heated, add either the jalapenos or the salsa to your taste. If you like it hot, add a lot. You know what you like.
  • Warm the soup a little more.
  • For an extra-special treat, while the soup/salsa is at a low low simmer, toss in a handful of cheddar cheese and stir until creamy. Want to keep it lower fat? Use the 2% Cracker Barrel. It’s quite good.
  • While the soup is warming: Toast a slice or two of a good quality bread. Peel a clove or two of garlic. Once the bread is toasted, take the garlic and scrape it across the toasted bread. The roughness of the toast will grate the garlic. The final result — an oil-free tasty garlic bread!

    Saturday is a full day for me. I’ve got my monthly NJRW meeting and other running around.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    5 thoughts on “New Years Resolution Update”

    1. Sounds delicious! I’ve given up on the “I’ll lose weight” resolution. However, I start PT today for arm and knee pain so I’ll be moving around more. I always say I’ll drink more water. *sigh* I need to. Thanks for the tips, Caridad! Here’s hoping you fulfill all your resolutions. 🙂

    2. Hope your weekend is great! I know what you mean about food on diets being tasteless. At least you can eat whatever. I just found out I have Celiac’s disease and cannot eat anything with gluten in it so my diet is very tasteless but I feel great and very energized. The best I have felt in 50 some years. Have been misdiagnosed all of these years. Anyway congrats about your pound loss and just take one day at a time like you said. I am loosing pounds too and boy does it feel good! Keep it up and I will be praying for your perseverence.

    3. Congratulations on the 9 pounds. I know how much dedication it takes to lose weight, but it sure feels good when you go shopping for smaller sizes…..

    4. sounds good and yummy. Hum sounds like you could add lots of stuff into that soup. I may have to experiment. lol Congrats on the 9 pounds. I lost 43 about 3 yrs ago and I haven’t gained but a little bit back. I need to loose another 40 something but got tired of walking.

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