Fashionably Late Fashion Friday

Sam and Friends at Madame Toussauds in NYCI just received a Delia’s catalog in the mail and I noticed they are ready for spring. So am I. They have tons of lovely spring dresses. Now floral prints are okay… to a point. Also single colors, pastel yellows, and greens seem to be the most popular. Navy is also a big one.

The theme seems to be the styles of the past. Wide straps, baby doll pattern form. So if you are planning your spring vacation these cute spring dresses are definitely a YAY! in my book.

3 thoughts on “Fashionably Late Fashion Friday”

  1. I can’t do pastels either. But I can do the 30-something version of the baby doll dress–the empire-waist dress. I’m all over empire waists.

  2. I can’t do pastels. lol! However, I love some of the styles I’m seeing in my magazines. The spring fashion issues will be arriving in March and they’re almost as big as the fall fashion issues. Ever seen a fall fashion Vogue, Caridad! It’s brilliant. The size of a JC Penneys catalog.
    It’s funny how things go out of style just to come back in style years later.

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