Asking Stacy a question

To ask Stacy a question, please just go to the bottom of Stacy’s blog entry and click on the button that has the word “Comments”. Once you get there, go to the bottom of the screen where you will see the box below. Just enter your question and press SUBMIT COMMENT! Thanks

3 thoughts on “Asking Stacy a question”

  1. Thanks Stacy, for coming here to answer our questions. It was very informative.
    And thank you, Caridad!!!

  2. It seems like Harlequin has done every possible kind of romantic mix with one exception: GLBT — especially the currently hot M/M pairings so popular right now in e-books and small press.

    Any plans for GLBT romance in the future? Has it ever been discussed?

  3. I just wanted to thank Stacy for answering our questions and sharing industry insights. Thanks to Caridad for arranging. Have a great weekend everyone!

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