Welcome to a special Valentine’s Day blog!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I asked several of my friends to fill in one of the following blanks:

  • Love is . . .
  • Sexy is . . .
  • Remember that everyone who comments on this blog TODAY is eligible to receive a great prize (listed below because it is so humongous!)

    So here’s what a group of romance writers think about love and sex (in no particular order):

  • Love is . . . a hug freely given.
    Sexy is . . . Thumb rings on guys.
    Caridad Pineiro, www.caridad.com
    DEVOTION CALLS, January 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
    BLOOD CALLS, May 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
  • Sexy is…an effete pirate with dreadlocks and a gold tooth – who knew?
    Dee Davis, www.deedavis.com
    A Match Made on Madison, April 2007, St. Martin’s Griffin Press
  • Sexy is . . . the sound of Andrea Bocelli singing anything.
    Lois Winston, www.loiswinston.com
    TALK GERTIE TO ME, April 2006, Dorchester Love Spell
  • Sexy is…whispering in his ear what you’d like him to do to you while you blush.
    Dr. Charley Ferrer, www.instituteofpleasure.org
    THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA: The Ultimate Guide to Dating, Sex and Erotic Pleasure, November 2005, Ferrer Institute
  • Sexy is… Tall, dark and wet, fresh from a shower.
    Vivi Anna, www.vivianna.net
    INFERNO, December 2006, Kensington Aphrodisia
  • Sexy is…a man’s breathy inhale as you brush up close to him.
    Michele Hauf, www.michelehauf.com
    FAMILIAR STRANGER, August 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
  • Sexy is…low slung worn jeans, no shirt
    Irene Peterson, www.irenepeterson.com
    KISSES TO GO, March 2007, Zebra Debut
  • Love is…a man who washes your hair.
    Lynn Michaels, www.lynnmichaels.us, LipService Gang blog http://lipservicegang.com
    MARRIAGE BY DESIGN, July 2007 Ballantine/Ivy
  • Love is . . .A shared glass of wine because it means more than having your own glass.
    Sexy is . . . Tousled hair, hint of beard and sleepy eyes
    Linda Wisdom, http://lindawisdombooks.spaces.live.com
    GREAT ESCAPES: Rose & Clay, Available now, www.triskelionpublishing.net
  • Love is . . . the way the person in your life makes everything better, the way they make things you never thought you’d like fun and exciting. Love is the laughing in the middle of a fight because the person makes it impossible to stay mad. Love is that special connection that makes you exchange a look in public because you’re thinking the same thing at the same time. Love is celebrated on Valentine’s Day but experience 365 days a year.
    Sexy is . . .a kiss that could go on forever and ever and never be enough. A touch that makes you shiver. A embrace that never seems to be close enough. Being in love.
    Lisa Renee Jones, www.lisareneejones.com
    March 07 – Avon Red Alluring Tales 1, April 07 – Pocket Books Anthology Hurt So Good
  • Sexy is. . . guys with moustaches
    Love is. . . knowing when to laugh
    Maureen Child, www.maureenchild.com http://maureenchild.com
    NEVERMORE, February, 2007, Silhouette Nocturne
    THIRTY DAY AFFAIR, March 1007, Silhouette Desire
  • Love is . . . when a man fills your gas tank, late at night, when it’s 20 degrees out.
    Pat White, www.patwhitebooks.com
    THE AMERICAN TEMP AND THE BRITISH INSPECTOR, January 2007, Harlequin Intrigue
  • Sexy is . . . a man just our of the shower with a low hung towel.
    Love is . . . being “there” when no one else is.
    Lara Rios, www.lara-rios.com
    BECOMING AMERICANA, November 2007, Berkley Publishing
  • Sexy is. . . a man with a cookbook!
    Joy Nash, www.joynash.com
    THE GRAIL KING August 2006 Dorchester Publishing
  • Here’s what the winner of this special Valentine’s Day blog contest will receive:

  • Box of Ferrer Rocher Candy and a Victoria’s Secret purse with perfumes and lotions from Caridad.
  • Cover flats and other goodies.
  • Sensual Massage Oil from Lisa Renee Jones
  • Autographed copies of the following books:
      SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS by Caridad Pineiro
      EYE OF THE STORM by Dee Davis
      INFERNO by Vivi Anna
      SILENT MEMORIES by Pat White
      THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA by Dr. Charley Ferrer
      MARRIAGE BY DESIGN by Lynn Michaels
  • 95 thoughts on “Welcome to a special Valentine’s Day blog!”

    1. Andrea Bocelli is truly a master. He has a super great voice that sounds heavenly.**”

    2. Sadness is missing your contest because this website is BLOCKED by the State of Delaware’s firewall and we got so much ice on 2/14/07 that I had to stay at work and provide coverage so I couldn’t enter…. : ( I love snow, but I officially HATE ICE now.

    3. I want to thank you all for all your wonderful comments and helping celebrate Valentine’s Day!

      I will be notifying the winner soon via e-mail.

      Please drop back for other contests and other daily craziness on my blog.


    4. Love is a husband who’ll take the kids to school once a month so his wife can sleep in.

      Sexy is watching a mans chest rise and fall while hes asleep.

      Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

    5. sexy is
      low riding levis,
      a beautiful tat on his back
      working on his motorcycle
      doin a sexy half grin that dont mind the grease all over him

    6. for me
      love is him with me sitting in the middle of the night at the hosp with a sick baby running fever and taking turns holding her after him working 12 hours

    7. WOW!! Love all the sweet and sexy
      sentiments! Here are my contributions
      to the list:
      Love is…being there through everything
      for 46 years and promising more of the
      same forever.
      Sexy is…your man looking at your 70 y/o
      self and telling you that you are as lovely
      as the day you met!
      My Valentine’s wish for all of you is a
      sweet “Honey” like mine!
      Have a great day!!
      Pat Cochran.

    8. oh, guys with accents(British, Scottish). guys with dimples, certain guys wearing eyeliner, guys who like to cuddle, and out their head on your lap. Guys who have no problem with public displays of affection, and showing affection for their mom.
      guys who love animals and kids… I could go on and on

    9. Much love for the effete pirate…lol.

      Seriously: Love is what fills those quiet moments between joy and heartbreak on the road to forever. Sexy is a slow hot smile and a beckoning finger for just being you.

      Blessed Lupercalia Caridad 🙂

    10. Love is recognizing your soul mate on your first date…. we’ve been married for 31 1/2 years now!

      Sexy is my husband’s smile when he says he has a surprise for me! 🙂

    11. Love is ….. your husband supporting you
      and wanting to understand, and help you through sickness,and being there for you.

      Sexy is ….. massaging each other, which
      then leads into other things.
      Sexy is….. Seeing my husband in the Shower.

    12. I’ve had such a blast reading everyone’s comments and sharing what we all find sexy or what we think love is.

      Thanks to all of you for dropping by! I’ll be picking the winner from everyone who drops by before midnight EST (I may not be on that late. LOST is on tonight! LOL!)

      If you’ve read DARKNESS CALLS and DEATH CALLS and want a chance to let me know what you would like to happen between Diana and Ryder, drop by tomorrow for a chance to vote on it and leave your comments.

    13. Love is… having your husband rub your feet when you aren’t feeling well and you’ve had a bad day.

      Sexy is…having your husband suck those same toes when you’re having a good day, making it even better..lol!!!!

    14. Happy Valentines Day !!
      Love is …

      When you love someone you care,not only care about them as a person, but also about their well being. When they are hurt, you feel hurt and when they are in pain you feel pain also.

    15. I want to thank everyone for sharing here today. I really enjoyed reading everybody’s thoughts on love, sexy men and friendship.

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

    16. Love is..When your heart still does that crazy little thing just from seeing your man.
      Sexy is..That look he gives you and you know what he is thinking and it’s not G- rated.

    17. I love this differences between all of the authors views on love & sexy.
      I think Love is my husband who says he loves me even though I’m a dork, clumsy and frequently say the wrong things.
      Sexy is knowing he still wants me no matter if I’m in sexy lingerie or sweatpants

    18. Love is When you put up with your current living conditions So you other half can get through school.

      sexy is when you love someone unconditionally.

    19. Great quotes 🙂 I loved the one from Dee Davis: “Sexy is…an effete pirate with dreadlocks and a gold tooth – who knew?” That’s too great!!
      The vampire chocolate is too awesome!!
      Happy Valentine’s Day all!!

    20. I’m having such a great time with all your comments. They’ve made me smile, laugh, think naughty thoughts, but most of all, remember all the wonderful things about being in love.

      It’s a nasty night out there in the Northeast, but hubby made steak and lobster tail for dinner. Now we’re sitting here watching some television and relaxing while the snow plows drive by outside.

      Can’t wait to see what else you’ll post tonight!

    21. Wow! Those are all wonderful sexy and loving thoughts from all of you!

      Ever wonder how the concept of Valentine’s Day came about?

      Here’s a little bonus for you — click on this link to read the Wikipedia explanation!

    22. Love is being with someone through the good, the ugly, and the ‘why did I even wake up this morning and when will this all end.’

      Sexy is a ‘come hither’ smile with some naughty intentions 😉

    23. Love is… when you will do anything to make your partner feel happy and appreciated.
      Sexy is… the way my husband makes me feel, even if I think I look too tired or sick to feel that way.

    24. Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples,
      It’s for friends too….
      It’s a special day set aside,
      To say thanks for all you do,
      And to let you know how grateful I am,
      To have a friend like you….

      There have been many times,
      That you were always there,
      Without a moment of hesitation,
      With a caring heart so rare,
      To show me support and friendship too….
      My life has been touched by the Angel in you.

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

    25. I loved all the comments! I like seeing what everyone else thinks about love and sexy.

      I must say the first thing that popped into my head was the move quote, “Love meand never having to say you’re sorry.” which doesn’t make much sense.

    26. Sexy is a guy who can make me laugh and is never afraid to show his feelings…and some sweat in the heat of passion as I sweep the hair out of his eyes is always good too.

      Now what is love? Love is caring, never selfish, unconditional, and kind…something we all need and crave. The kind of thing that makes you want to spend forever with someone and makes you grow closer to them with each and every day.

    27. I agree with Pal on that one that is true love. And sexy is snuggling up close in a nice warm bed when it is cold out.

    28. Love is when someone male or female gives you Cadbury or Galaxy chocolate.

      Sexy is actually eating the damn chocolate

    29. Love is a man willing to hold your hair back from your face while you vomit intothe toilet.

      Lovely image isn’t it?

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