A quick poll about Diana and Ryder!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Hershey’s Cherry Kisses contest and the Special Valentine’s Day Blog contest. I’ll be e-mailing the winners shortly. Please drop by the blog for other contests and other kinds of blog craziness, like today’s quick little poll!

I’ve gotten all kinds of suggestions about Diana Reyes and Ryder Latimer and their future in other novels in THE CALLING series. So, here’s your chance to let me know what think! Choose one of these and/or leave a comment about what you would like to see.

Who knows – the answer you give might help inspire the next book! If it does, I’ll be sure to include you in the dedication.

What would you like to see happen with Diana and Ryder?
Ryder becomes human
Diana becomes a vampire
Ryder dies — I don’t like him at all!
Diana dies — I don’t like her at all!
Diana and Ryder get married
Diana and Ryder have a baby
I don’t want to see Diana and Ryder in another novel
Diana finds someone else to love
Ryder finds someone else to love
Diana, Ryder and Stacia get together

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18 thoughts on “A quick poll about Diana and Ryder!”

  1. Well, you know how much I love Ryder and Diana and if I could determine the next path for them, I’d say, marry them. Yeah, turning Diana into a vamp would be cool too, but I’d like to see how they would be able to manage being husband and wife in the human/vampire world.

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  4. LOL! Yes, I think they would be good parents as well. A lot of people have asked for the baby thing to happen. I’ve got to figure out if it will happen and if so, how it will happen. Adoption is certainly a good idea.

  5. well i like the idea of ryder and diana getting married but even though they cant physically have a child maybe they can adopt? or even a foster family? I think they would be great parents fangs and all.

  6. You know, Tami . . . I have thought about that since I did set it up that a vamp could let a keeper live longer, but — **SPOILER HERE** What happens at the end of DEATH CALLS will cause all kinds of problems so that may not be possible.

    Boy — I’m loving all your suggestions!

  7. what about ryder giving blood to diana like he suppose to his keeper and prolonging her life and him becoming back human but with extra longesvity life for both?

  8. Thanks, Chavonne (Love that name! What’s the meaning?)

    You’re close to something, here! I had dropped some hints about the blood in DANGER CALLS and TEMPTATION CALLS and I think that might be the key to something big!! Maybe even baby big.

    Not making any promises, but maybe for #10 (if it goes there, which I hope it does!)

  9. The baby thing has come up and come up often. The problem is that so many mythologies think of everything in a vampire as being undead, including their sperm.

    I must think of a way around this, I’m gathering.

  10. All right, Ryder is a vampire. Diana is something in between. And they are in love. Their story could have something to do with a new race/species, whatever you want to call it. A very old bad vampire could try to kidnap Diana (she’s the new r/s), and her blood is the key to something big. That something big is the key to changing Ryder into the new r/s (not human). Which is where a baby can come into the picture. New characters can be brought in by them being prisioners of the old bad vamp to run tests on them. Which ties in Diana’s blood. I know there are a lot of holes, but I’m not a writer. Just a person who loves to read and has an over active imagination. I think this is still a good over all concept for a book.

  11. LOL! I wish that could happen, but need to check if there’s anything I’ve done in the earlier books that would support this possibility.

  12. Well, I’m open to lots of things, but it looks like Diana becoming a vampire is in the lead so far!

    I guess they could also get married, but what about the baby thing?

  13. LOL! I guess most of us want to see Diana become a vampire.

    Waiting for that winning e-mail, Caridad. *HUGE GRIN*

  14. So glad to see you’re all voting! I’ve got some ideas in mind for them in book 9 already (you can check out Works In Progress at THE CALLING site for some clues!)

    But, you never know. You may change my mind or inspire me in some new direction with your votes/comments!

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