What’s Inspiring me now!

I’m working on revisions to my were-jaguar story for MOON FEVER (October 2007), but in the back of my brain, I’m also creating the story for a novella I’ve just been asked to write.

The novella is going to be a part of an anthology with Maureen Child and will be released by Nocturne in December. It’s a dark tale about a vampire at Christmas. I won’t give much else away other than to say, it’ll be totally out there as the vamp “punishes” a bell-ringing Santa. Think of it as SANTA CALLS (LOL! Just kidding!)

I will give you my inspiration for the vamp. Take a breath now for . . .
Rodrigo Santoro!
Rodrigo inspires Caridad's New Novella, jokingly titled SANTA CALLS!

10 thoughts on “What’s Inspiring me now!”

  1. I must confess to having a thing for younger men! My husband is younger — by at about twelve hours! LOL!

    We have the same birthday, but I was born in the morning in Cuba and he was born 12 hours later in Brooklyn.

  2. It’ll be a fight to the death for Rodrigo, I think!

    He’s actually on LOST this season, but so scruffy looking that he is lost . . .

    He’s a real hottie in LOVE, ACTUALLY (a rather cute movie – FYI).

  3. OK, if I don’t win your contest I’ll take Rodrigo. Hee.
    Can’t wait for MOON FEVER as well as the anthology.
    Have a great weekend, Caridad. T.G.I.F.

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