What I’m Watching!

Right now — a repeat of HOUSE. One of those shows I try not to miss. Hugh Laurie is wonderful and for some reason, quite sexy. Scruffy and all. Maybe it’s those blue eyes?

What else do I watch? Anything with forensics, cops and a good romance — which is why I still tune into LOST. The romance and of course, that hint of the paranormal.

I’m a SKATE fan — meaning Kate and Sawyer. I know Jack is noble, blah blah blah . . . Sawyer is the ultimate Bad Boy who on occasion redeems himself!

There’s a nice Myspace site for LOST FANS (I’d give you the link, but Myspace is acting funky and it’s early). Here’s a great wallpaper from the site.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Watching!”

  1. My husband used to watch 7th Heaven off and on. I’ve heard a lot about the Dresden Files. I’m going to have to check it out. I’m with you on the movies/books thing. I can cry through a Nicholas Sparks movie, but haven’t tried one of his books. Do they ever have happy endings?

  2. My things on Sunday night are 7th heaven this last one was too funny and of course the dresden files i havent read the books but now that im watching the show i have been thinking about trying them. but sometimes i can get more into the shows than i can the book. kind of like Stephen King i cant watch the movies but i just cant get into the books lol. oh and im looking forward Blood ties coming in March. yea

  3. I loved the L&O shows with Jerry Orbach the most, but SVU is really good. Olivia is such a conflicted heroine.

    Catch repeats of both CSI and WITHOUT A TRACE every night.

    I guess I like them because I love law enforcement types and suspense.

    COLD CASE is another one I can’t miss.


  5. I really like drama as well. I can’t get into any of the current sitcoms. They just haven’t grabbed my attention.

    I like HEROES, too, but it’s up against 24 which hubby likes to watch. I’ve been taping that and Veronica Mars, but haven’t been able to catch up on either of them.


  6. I never miss House and I also watch the repeats. I’m a big fan of Hugh Laurie! He does have the most beautiful blue eyes and he is very sexy! lol

    I also like any of the Law & Order shows, Monk and Boston Legal.

  7. I don’t watch either of those shows. I’m watching any good movie that shows up on one of the movie channels, My Name is Earl, The L Word (Love the Drama!), Heroes, The Dresden Files, Bad Girls Club (Love the Drama!) and DOG the bounty hunter. I guess I just wanna watch drama so I don’t have to think of my own.

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