Contest Winners

The winner of the January to Feb 13th Blog contest is PamK! A tin of Hershey’s Cherry Cordial Kisses will soon be on its way to Pam.

heart.jpgThe winner of the special Valentine’s Day Blog contest is RobynL! The assorted prizes will soon be on their way to Pam. Pam, please note that some of the prizes are being sent to you directly from the authors, so you may be getting multiple shipments. (Always a nice thing to get more than one fun package in the mail!)

Thanks to all for participating in these two contests. Look for another fun contest in March. When you may ask?

Beware the Ides of March!

Also, no news yet on my interview on Romance Novel Television, but drop by and meet some of my friends, like Eloisa James who is up there this week!

4 thoughts on “Contest Winners”

  1. congrats to you too robin. Looking forward to those kisses. lol. Thanks Caridad for the fun, easy, contest. It has two of my fav things chocolate and reading blogs lol

  2. congrats PamK on your win and I was blown over to see that I had won. Thanks so very much to all who contributed to the prizes.

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