You wrote about me on your blog?!*@#

I was up in my office, typing away on my laptop. My husband came into my office, plopped into the recliner he’s moved into the corner and asked, “Are you working or playing on the website again?”

(Why is hubby’s recliner in my office you may ask? The immense flat screen TV hubby got for me last Christmas.)

I happened to be working on the blog, so I said, “I’m writing a blog entry.”

With a grin, he asked, “What do you write about? Me?”

So of course I freaked him out by saying yes and got the following look:


Just kidding! He faked that look for me so we could have a little fun!!

Can you think of a good caption to put under it? (And nothing too awful. It is my hubby after all).

Here’s a few to get you inspired:

“We won last night’s MegaMillions?”
“You’re pregnant?”
“What do you mean that your name used to be George?”

13 thoughts on “You wrote about me on your blog?!*@#”

  1. Now that would definitely scare most people! I must say, I’m lucky that my MIL is wonderful. We actually just spent a girl’s weekend in Atlantic City together.

  2. I love all these comments! The baby, huh?

    As for being a good sport, he definitely is. It’s his humor that’s helped keep us going through good and bad.

    I thought of another caption:

    “You want me to watch THE NOTEBOOK tonight?”

    But I will say that we’ve had a blast watching the Mets in high definition on the big telly. It’s almost as good as being at the game.

  3. *Gasp* … no sport showing on the telly tonight … what about the final playoff?!

    LOL … just might be the reaction ;o)

  4. Actually, he is quite a good dad, down to giving Sammie her first bath because mommy was afraid to drop her (I have been known to be clumsy at times!)

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