Some South Beach Heat to chase away the winter chill

MoonThis good morning hunk was inspired by Rita, a special fan from South Africa! He was also the inspiration for the were-jaguar in MOON FEVER (Oct 2007).

But on a different note — What keeps you warm on those cold winter nights? A blazing fire in the fireplace, some wine, a good book and an even better man?

Tori definitely has the right idea about how to stay warm in this deleted scene from SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS.

In the meantime, why don’t you let me know what keeps you hot . . . I mean warm . . . To help you along, here’s some South Beach Heat to chase away the winter chill that has gripped so many of us.


. . . Gil slipped off her panties.

Tori was about to protest, what with the windows and everything, only . . . No one could see them this far up. No one could tell that he was doing all kinds of wicked things to her.

She gripped his shoulders, leaned slightly back on the table and let Gil love her until she was shaky and just on the edge. When she called out his name, Gil picked up his head and asked, “Are you hungry for me, yet?”

“Yes,” she whispered and moaned as he kissed her intimately and stroked a little more insistently. Her body shook, reaching the edge. She held his head to her, his hair beneath her hand feeling more silky than ever.

And then he slowed his movements, moved his mouth up to her navel, pausing to lick that indentation before he said, “It’s time for the main course, Tori.”

There was a moment of shock that he could leave her wanting like this, but then she realized he was as aroused and had yet to have any kind of pleasure. But not for long. She eased from the edge of the table, picked up the appetizer plates and moved them to the small trolley, bare-bottomed. Grabbing just one of the plates from the warming tray, she returned to the table and placed it in the corner between the two place settings.

That forced Gil to move closer and when she sat, she did the same. They were nearly shoulder to shoulder, their bare legs entwined beneath the table.

Tori removed the cover from the plate. Scallops in a creamy saffron sauce beside a heap of risotto with truffles. It suddenly sparked a memory. A teasing discussion she and her friends had had ages ago. Someone, probably chef Juliana, had paid more attention than she had thought. “Hmm. Ginger. Asparagus. Scallops. Saffron. Truffles,” she murmured aloud as she forked up one of the scallops and held it up to Gil’s lips. Beneath the table, she placed her hand on his thigh. The muscles of his leg jumped and clenched beneath her fingers.

Gil’s face didn’t betray anything as he opened his mouth and accepted the forkful. “Delicious. But what about all those things?” he asked as he forked up some of the risotto, offered it up to her.

She leaned forward, moved her hand up higher until she was just at the edge of the silk boxers. She fingered the hem as she ate the risotto and the rich, earthy taste from the truffles exploded in her mouth. She knew then without a doubt. “They’re supposedly aphrodisiacs. Like the vanilla we’re smelling.”

“Really? And why do you suppose — ”

Gil couldn’t finish as she moved the final distance and encircled him, stroked him through the silk. “Do you think they thought we needed the help, mi amor?”

He forced a tight smile. “Two lawyers. Boring, right?” he said, but groaned as she increased the pressure of her stroke.

“Right? So, let’s finish the main course, Gil.” She fed him again and he returned the favor. The whole time she kept on touching him, the movement of her hand timed to just keep him on the brink. Delicious payback for his appetizing actions of before.

The plate was finished almost before they knew it and Gil eagerly reached for the third envelope, slipped out the note and read it aloud. “The night is young. No rush for dessert. Take a bath to relax and get ready for sweets later.”

They both nearly knocked over their chairs in their haste to reach the bathroom. Inside the large Jacuzzi tub were dozens of deep scarlet rose petals. More candles were scattered around the room.

Without speaking, Gil turned on the water while Tori walked around and lit the candles. The smell of the roses floated into the air with the steam rising off the water. As the wicks of the candles burned down, the fragrance of vanilla again perfumed the air. Gil sat on the edge of the tub as Tori noticed another peach-colored box at the far edge of the tiled surface surrounding the large Jacuzzi.

She walked over, picked up the box and unwrapped it.

“Inventive, aren’t they?” Gil teased, but was clearly eager to see what was next since he sidled up next to her and peered into the box.

Tori removed a small bottle from the carton — edible almond-flavored massage oil. She waved the bottle in front of him and he snagged it from her, uncapped it and took a whiff. “Let me guess. Almonds are — ”

“One of my favorites and yes, the big A again. So, where do we start?” Tori asked, but she was already working at the laces of the camisole, slowly pulling them free. As she did so, the fabric parted, revealing more and more of her body.

Gil watched intently and when the last lace had come undone and the fabric barely clung to her, he poured some oil into his hands. Rubbing them together, he warmed the lotion a second before he placed his hands on the smooth skin of her stomach.

The sensation of his touch was a shock. Warm and satiny in a wet kind of way. And the smell. Exotic as he inched further and further up. He worked the oil into her skin and then reached up, slipped the camisole off her body before returning to cup her.

“Time for fair play,” she somehow managed to say, but he shook his head.

“Time for another taste,” he replied, and before she could protest, his mouth was taking that taste he so desired.

She grabbed hold of his shoulders, held onto him as the sensations he had awakened made her nearly weak. But she wanted Gil to feel the same.

Pulling away from him, she kneeled and eased off the boxers. Grabbing the bottle, she mimicked his earlier actions of warming the oil, and then encircled him.

He sat, leaned back on the edge of the tub and gave her full access, all the time watching her, the lines of his face tight as he fought for control. Glancing up at him, she said, “My turn.”

She kissed him, savored the nuttiness of the almonds and the slight saltiness that told her he was nearly coming undone. With a last kiss, she stood and stepped into the warm waters and petals of the bath. She didn’t need to invite him in, he was already joining her, but as he sat, he gripped the edge of the bath, his with hands white from the pressure.

“Gil?” she asked, kneeling before him in the waist high water.

“It’s warm like you, only not as good. I can’t, Tori,” he answered and she knew what he was talking about.

Between her legs was the heat of the water, touching where he had been before. The jets pulsed, stroking the sides of her body, phantom hands teasing her skin. She envisioned the water rushing about him, pleasuring him like she had been moments ago with her fingers and mouth. Her insides clenched with her imagining.

“I can’t wait either, Gil,” she admitted and before he could say anything else, she was straddling him in the water, her body poised for his entry.

He gripped her waist, his fingers still oil slick against her skin as he urged her down. He probed the center of her and she guided him in as she lowered herself onto him.

They both sucked in surprised breaths, as if it was their first time and maybe it was. They had never done it in a bath tub before. With the oil. And the flowers and the candles and . . . a need that was utterly new and devastating.

The heat and scents were wrapping all around her, urging her to move, only Gil wrapped his arms around her tightly and whispered, “Not yet. I just want to be inside you. Taste you again.”

He brought his mouth to her more and sucked, gently at first. That pull of his mouth started a corresponding tug within her and each slow drag of his mouth created a deeper and deeper ache inside her. She was shaking in his arms. His body was trembling against hers. When he gently bit her, she moaned and slowly started to move.

Gil looked up at her then and she braced her hands on the edge of the tub, locked her gaze with his as she shifted, her movements slow at first, but growing more determined.

He encircled her body with his hands. Held her as she moved. The sensations and smells charged her body and that power grew inside of her, like static electricity building with the friction of each movement.

And then came the surge, crackling through her body and leaping to his. He bucked beneath her as he came, but pumped upward to push her yet a little further. She threw her head back and arched her body toward him as her release jolted her with the strength of it. “Gil,” she cried out, every part of her shocked with the intensity of the sensations arcing along her body.

Gil wrapped his arms around her and drew her close, still inside her as her climax ebbed. Together they sank down until the water covered her shoulders and the heat bathed them. But it was nothing compared to the passion lingering from their lovemaking.

Head cradled against his chest, his strong arms wrapped around her, Tori rested, her breath shaky at first, but slowly growing more controlled. He finally slipped out, bringing a strangled chuckle from both of them.

“I think we need to shut off the water,” Gil said and Tori groaned.

“I can’t move.”

Gil moved for her, easily shifting her slight weight in his arms to reach for the faucet, shut it off and then ease back against the edge of the tub.

They lay there together for a long time, the water enveloping them in its welcoming warmth. Silence reigned until Tori ran her hand across the tattoo on his chest and said, “I kind of like this on you.”

“Do you now? Makes you feel — ”

“In control,” she quickly finished for him.

He cupped the side of her face, his hand still slightly slippery from the oil. As he ran his thumb across her lips, she caught it between her teeth and gave a quick little bite.

“You like being in charge. You get a rush out of it.”

Tori couldn’t deny it and wondered whether it bothered him. She didn’t get a chance to ask as Gil smiled and brushed her hair back from her face. “I like it. A lot. You’re strong in every way.”

But she wasn’t really. He had the physical strength to overpower her, but she trusted him that he wouldn’t. Because he had honor. And integrity. There was no doubt in her mind his had been the right choice earlier. “You let me be strong,” she said softly, stroked her hand across his chest and the tattoo.

Gil said nothing else. He just held her until the water grew lukewarm. A chill entered her skin and she shivered.

“Time for dessert?” he asked, a hint of hopefulness and expectation in his voice.

Not that she wasn’t as interested in seeing what dessert would be. She had no doubt about what envelope number four would contain — an admonition to enjoy the flower-strewn bedroom. She didn’t mention that to Gil, wanting him to enjoy the surprise when the time came. Instead she rose and grabbed a towel from a nearby rack, held it out to her husband. “I’m ready. Are you?”

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  1. I’m with you on what keeps me warm — my cat Osiris over my feet, my hubby and a nice pair of comfy socks. Not wool — it makes me itch really really bad.

  2. Oh wow…now we have to wait until October. But it’ll be cold again and this will be a perfect read.

    What keeps me warm: wooly socks, Ibarra and my husband. He’s better than flannel PJs any day 🙂

  3. Oh wow Caridad, THANK YOU for those kind words ;o)

    Heck if he was your inspiration I’m so dying to get my hands on Moon Fever now more than ever. Just wished the release of the book was sooner *grin*

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