Guilty Pleasures Monday

It’s Monday and we’re all wishing we had another day left to the weekend. Plus, we lost an hour thanks to this new daylight savings time, making it even harder to get up.

So if you indulged in some Guilty Pleasures on Monday, would it make the day easier to start? If yes, then check out this Monday’s Guilty Pleasures candidate.

You’re probably wondering why Nick Lachey of ex-Jessica’s husband and 98 Degrees fame?

Well, when I was thinking of who could be Mitchell Lama, the sexy ex-Army Ranger who will appear in SECRET AGENT REUNION, Nick Lachey immediately came to mind. I wanted someone muscular and with a sexy tattoo. A rough kind of look that dresses up really nice. A great body for sure. I wanted someone who would tempt Dani (the twin sister of Lizzy Bee from MORE THAN A MISSION) with his looks, but also with his amazing heart.

Unfortunately, after searching all over on the web, I couldn’t find a nice bare-chested shot (except for those that you can get on your pillowcase!)

I’ll try harder for next Monday! Or better yet — tell me who is your Guilty Pleasure!

Of course, Nick could also be the perfect prototype for Riley Evans, Adriana’s love from SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS. Look for Riley to make even more appearances in SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN.

So what’s up for tomorrow? Check back for Tuesday Tips. It could be tips on writing, cooking, gardening, whatever strikes my fancy and hopefully yours.

7 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday”

  1. I agree. I’ve never been one who cares for the pretty boys! lol

    I’m off to babysit now for my daughter. Hope you have a great day!

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