Is it a trap or are we really taping a TV show?

Here’s what the Village Voice has to say about the TV show I’m taping on Sunday, March 18th:

  • Romance, Vampires & Sexual Freedom
    Vampires in love don’t have it easy: They can only hook-up at night, they can’t go out for anything too garlicky, and those fangs are only sexy if you’re into BDSM. We’re not even sure how they’re going to survive during this daytime taping of Romance, Vampires & Sexual Freedom on Fruta Extraña TV’s “Caliente con Dr. Charley Ferrer,” but apparently “real vampires” will be joining Caridad Piñeiro (author of Death Calls) and ANoN (creator of the erotic vampire role-playing game Midnight Seduction) to discuss relationships among the undead. And they need a live studio audience. Maybe it’s a trap, but at least you’ll get fed too by Havana Central restaurant. (Ashman)
    At 2, BAAD! 841 Barretto St Bronx, NY 10474 (718) 842-5223, $free
  • So what’s this all about? Is it really a trap to get you unsuspecting readers in for a bite or are we really filming a TV show?

    Here’s the word on what’s happening from Dr. Charley herself:

  • This weekend we’re having a wonderful line up for you, with food, Vampires, Romance authors, and gorgeous men. Don’t miss out, RSVP by phone (718) 916-4124 or by email as sitting for these LIVE shows are limited. And don’t worry if you don’t want to be on television, we’ll put you in our NAUGHTY Section. And don’t forget the wonderful food being provided by Havana Central. mmmmmmm
  • Dr. Charley Ferrer is an amazing woman who has been called the Latina Dr. Ruth and was recently recognized as one of the nineteen “Groundbreaking” Latina Leaders of 2006, in the United States, for her work in the field of Sexology and Sexual Health by the National Association for Latina Leaders.

    Dr. Charley recently did some interviews with people on their definition of “What is a man?”

    What do you think makes a man a man?

    Is it the alpha males in the books we read or as many of you mentioned on Valentine’s Day, the everyday hero who holds your hand while your sick or let’s you post a weird picture of him on your blog?

    Leave your comments and let me know what you think makes a man!

    Here’s a sample of Dr. Charley’s interviews from her television show which are also rebroadcast on

    13 thoughts on “Is it a trap or are we really taping a TV show?”

    1. I am so pleased everyone is thinking about “What is a Man?” and how we really define them. Though I must admit, a Man for me….MUST BITE… as well. After all, I do have this major Vampire Fetish and it’ll be my pleasure to discuss it with Caridad on Sunday. Maybe she’ll do a Vampire book with a Sex Therapist as the heroine. (hint hint!) But seriously, once we notice how we subconsciously and emotionally define the men in our lives, we’ll develop more empowered and healthy relationships with them.

      And on another note, on April 15, 2007, we’ll be filming more shows and defining “What is a Woman” as well as talking about women’s health issues among other things.

      Live with passion,

      Dr. Charley Ferrer
      Clinical Sexologist

    2. I think you’ve all got the right idea. We might love reading about these alpha males, but we want someone who will stand beside us and as Kerri said, not walk over us.

      Thank you all for your comment.s

    3. Ok this comment did not come out right.

      Yes he is a keeper Caridad. I have this man to my fiance.

      I ment to say I have this man in my life. He is my fiance and on the 28th of this month is our 6 yr anniversary.


    4. Hello Caridad,

      Great topic 🙂

      I think a man is someone who is always there for you through the good times and the bad times. Someone who doesn’t just leave you because things went wrong. A man who would talk things out with you and work it all out. A man who says he loves you and actually means it with out lying to you and won’t cheat on you. A man who would love to spend time with you and not be embarrassed to go any where with you. Someone who would kiss you and hold you in public. A man who will be there when you need him most.


    5. So true. My hubby is my best friend . . . again. We went through some times when we were knocking heads, but that’s what marriage is about — weathering the ups and downs.

    6. I think a man is someone who is always there for you in good times and in bad. He cares enough to do the little things that make you happy. He treats you with respect and values your opinions. He is a good person and he is your best friend.

    7. IMHO, I’m an old fashioned type gal and I still like to feel safe and protected by a man. While I don’t “need” a man to make me complete…it is certainly nice to have one that will hold you and make you feel comfortable enough to let down your guard. What is a man? A man is someone who is there when you need a big strong shoulder to lean on but also someone who will walk with you and not over you. Have a great weekend folks!

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