Happy St. Pat’s from this Celt!

Whoa, you say. Who’s the Celt? You? Aren’t you Cuban?

Yes, I was born in Cuba, but my grandparents — all of them — were from the province of Galicia in the north of Spain. Galicia is a Celtic nation!

The language in that part of Spain is Gallego and it’s very similar to Portuguese, but also sounds quite a bit like Gaelic if you ask me.

Gallegos also use bagpipes, but a Gallego bagpipe has a different number of reeds inside of it.

Gallegos are oftentimes fair-skinned. I have lots of distant cousins who are red-haired and green-eyed. I get my green eyes from this side of the family. My dad’s side traces its roots to the Romans who conquered the region.

So Happy St. Pat’s from this distant Celt!

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  6. Hi, I also was born in Cuba but all my grandparents were Gallegos. My last name, Cao, is a one line name, or so I have been told. I always liked bagpipes (gaitas), deep wooded forests, medieval weapons and it was not until I researched my ethnicity that I came to understand the why of allt preferences.

    Thanks for creating this site!


  7. Slainte right back at you and thanks for dropping by. People do find it hard to believe that having Spanish roots means I’m a Celt along the way. It makes for a fun topic of discussion! I will definitely check out that link. I’ve been dying to go to the Highland Games for quite some time now and it would be interesting to see all the places the Celts have gone — like Cuba which had a huge Gallego population that includes people like Desi Arnaz, Gloria Estefan and unfortunately, Fidel Castro.

  8. Happy St Patrick’s a day late. I was looking up some paranormals to read and found your name. Actually had to comment because so few people know about Galacia as one of the Celtic 7 Nations! I am a typical mutt – Irish, German, a smidge of French and who knows what else. But I belong to a cool club that helps with Highland Games and keeping the history of the 7 Nations and the new countries the Celts emmigrated to around the world. It’s called New World Celts. You might be interested in the history pages. Here is the link http://www.newworldcelts.org/


  9. I’m a day late but Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Maybe my ancesters conquered Galicia! All of my grandparents were born in Italy. lol Actually, one of my father’s cousins did a family history and they discovered that we a female relative that came over from Spain in the year 1230!!!

  10. LOL! Well I’m glad of the Roman genes because that’s where I get some color in my skin. I actually mentioned a lot of things from my dad’s ancestor’s home in MORE THAN A MISSION (the Roman bridge for instance).

    The urban fantasy that I’m shopping around begins in that town.

  11. Hello from Ireland Caridad, your heritage sounds so interesting. Happy St Paddy’s Day!

  12. Hi Caridad! I have some Irish ancestry, along with Swedish, Dutch, and American Indian. I thank God for the American Indian genes. Otherwise, I would be so white that I would be translucent lol. I hope you and everyone else have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

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