Guilty Pleasure Monday – Daniel Craig

Okay I have a confession to make. I’ve been a Bond fan since I was a young child. I read all the Ian Fleming novels and watched every movie — even the awful Timothy Dalton ones and dare I say, some of the really really awful Pierce Brosnan ones. (I forgive the latter since I fell in love with Brosnan in The Manions of America and of course, Remington Steele.)

I loved the suspense and spy stuff, but I think in the back of my head, I was hoping Bond would stop being a dog and find true love.

Anyway, when I heard they were looking for new Bond, I thought — tough shoes to fill. But dare I say this new Bond is . . . amazing. Absolutely hot and perfect for the role. What do you think?

I know he’s not pretty or perfect, but there’s something about his raw, craggy looks, pouty lower lip and those eyes . . . Not to mention this body coming out of the waters (which is a nod to the famous Ursula Andress scene in Dr. No.)

A bunch of writing deadlines kept me from seeing the movie when it was out, but I am rushing out to go buy the DVD so I can enjoy this guilty pleasure over and over again.

Also — I just got another review for BLOOD CALLS, the next book in THE CALLING series in May 2007. Here it is:

***** Author Caridad Piñeiro pumps so much life into all her characters that I almost believe they are real. Special Agent Diana Reyes, and her vampire lover, Ryder, are secondary characters in this Nocturne episode. (If you have not read their story, titled DEATH CALLS, you will still have no trouble with this book. Other secondary characters had their story told in previous titles too.) The main characters of this story, Diego and Ramona, are a perfect match for each other. I never felt the need to hit one of them on their head because of any sort of stupidity. They are both intelligent and realistic people, while also cautious when it comes to their hearts. Creating characters that I can actually care for is a special talent in authors, and therefore, I cannot recommend this title highly enough. *****

HUNTRESS REVIEWS – Reviewed by Detra Fitch

8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Daniel Craig”

  1. My fav bond was Roger Moore. I like my Bond with a sense of humor and wit. I know i’m a minority in this. I always thought Adrian Paul and Clive Owen would of rocked as Bond. After seeing Casino Royale, I feel Daniel Craig really did wonderful. He is really sexy in that rough way.

  2. Yeah, I know Coburn, Newman weren’t bond boys but I just got to thinking about how I’d follow them anywhere and …..

  3. Since I generally avoid all the bond movies (though I have caught many of them on tv) I allow myself to believe that they would all be just dandy though I’d follow Sean Connery anywhere. As well as Paul Newman and don’t let me forget James Coburn as Flint (Our Man Flint, In Like Flint).

    I always wanted to see them cast Adrian Paul as Bond. It’s just about the same…I don’t know…attitude maybe? as Duncan McLeod in Highlander (tv). He certainly makes my socks roll up and down and he has the brogue down but some of the acting he’s done….gaaak!

  4. Woohoo nice review Caridad… Congrats girl ;o)

    I too love the Bond movies, my favourite actor playing it was Sean Connery – just have to love his accent and he what I imagined Ian Flemming pictured his hero to look like : tall, dark and that bit of something extra – call it charisma or just a naughty twinkle in the eye, but when its Sean … oh well my heart goes into overload *lol* Ohhh have to agree with you on Timothy *eerkkk urgg* enough said. I haven’t managed to watch the latest bond movie, somehow Daniel doesn’t really appeal to my sense of Mr Bond – sorry

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