Exciting News about THE CALLING Vampire Series


THE CALLING Vampire series is going to continue for another 3 books!
I am so excited, I’m doing the happy dance!

To get a sneak peek at the next three which will be out in 2008,

visit Works in Progress, but to give you a clue, you’ll be seeing more of Blake and Meghan as well as Stacia. I’ll also be introducing some new characters in #9 as well as continuing the underlying subplot about what is happening to Diana Reyes.

I can’t wait to write these!smiley.gif

Today’s featured video
BLOOD CALLS, available in May 2007

For more information on BLOOD CALLS, click here!

13 thoughts on “Exciting News about THE CALLING Vampire Series”

  1. Hello.
    Have started reading all of your “THE
    CALLING” series. I recieved Blood Calls and enjoyed it as much as I have the others. There is one book from your series, ” DESIRE CALLS” that I have been reading on line but I wish to own it. As I own the other six (6) it would be great to have this book in my collection. Is there any that you could help me find this,DESIRE CALLS, threr are only 8 chapters to this DESIRE CALLS.
    thank you.

  2. WOW, that is really awesome news Caridad – Well done *mwah mwah*

    Congratulations bubbly is in order ~cheers~

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