Wicked Wednesday is about Wicked Sexy today

Yes, we are going to be talking about Wicked Sexy today so for those of you under 17 or who are possibly not interested in a walk along the edgier side of life, READ NO FURTHER.

As for the rest of you . . .

What makes me think about Wicked Sexy today is the release of DESIRE CALLS (now up at eharlequin, more info below) and the upcoming release of BLOOD CALLS.

So why do these two works in THE CALLING elicit such thoughts?

One of Dr. Charley’s television segments dealt with erotic things and in particular, discussed BDSM (now if you are like me, I had no clue what this acronym stood for!).

So if you don’t, it stands for Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism. We won’t get into the SM today (or possibly ever), but as for the B and D, in both DESIRE CALLS and BLOOD CALLS there is a little bit of each.

If you’ve read DEATH CALLS, your familiar with Stacia. She’s a vampire elder and therefore, all about DOMINATION and yes, all in caps. She can control almost everyone around her and act with impunity and yet, she yearns for something. DESIRE CALLS is about her flirtation with satisfying that yearning, but her full story won’t come until book #8 (tentatively titled ARDOR CALLS).

The empowerment in which Stacia robes herself is quite attractive to the men around her, who like her strength and fancy what it would be like to be dominated. When Stacia ties up Blake, we get a sense of how excited he is by her control and the restraints.

Of course, Blake is never one to lose his head, not even when a 2000 year-old vamp is threatening to kill him when he is shackled to the bedposts. (FYI — Blake will be the hero in book #7 – FURY CALLS and already appeared in TEMPTATION CALLS.)

In BLOOD CALLS, Diego Rivera (who you may recall from TEMPTATION CALLS also), starts off being bound in the novel as he is tortured during the Spanish Inquisition. The Inquisition ends up killing him, but Diego decides that in his new vamp life, he will make up for being not so nice as a human. Let’s say that in his vampire life, domination and bondage occasionally play a role in keeping his life interesting.

I won’t spill more about BLOOD CALLS, because it’s time for all of you to spill about what you think about BD and what seems to me to be a growing trend to see more of it in romance. Now, we’re talking BD with consent here, because I am so not into rape or forced sexual encounters.

Do you like this trend? Do you think it’s just that — a trend and not here to stay?

Would you confess to having fantasies about a little BD?

Here goes — I’m opening the floor to you and no, I won’t add my comments until one of you goes first.

DESIRE CALLS, has finally arrived at eharlequin.com. Here’s a little intro to the story:

  • Vampire elder Stacia craves something she’s never had: true love. When she is reunited with Blake, a lesser vampire who possesses a spirit she’s found lacking in men—both mortal and immortal—for centuries, she thinks she’s met her match….
  • A new chapter will be posted every week and even better – IT’S FREE!

    Here’s a link to the DESIRE CALLS novella:

    BLOOD CALLS will be available in April at Eharlequin, but in bookstores and at other online vendors in May. Here’s some of the initial reviews for BLOOD CALLS:

    5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews: “Having read Death Calls, Devotion Calls, and Blood Calls one after the other, I am impressed with how original each book is even though they share characters at times. Caridad Piñeiro has done a wonderful job, once again, developing believable characters in believable circumstances with unbelievable characteristics. She has allowed the reader to suspend belief and delve into her world time and time again only to see new nuances each time they visit. I am hooked. Thank you for hours of amazing reading.”

    5 Stars from HUNTRESS REVIEWS — Reviewed by Detra Fitch : Author Caridad Piñeiro pumps so much life into all her characters that I almost believe they are real. Special Agent Diana Reyes, and her vampire lover, Ryder, are secondary characters in this Nocturne episode. (If you have not read their story, titled DEATH CALLS, you will still have no trouble with this book. Other secondary characters had their story told in previous titles too.) The main characters of this story, Diego and Ramona, are a perfect match for each other. I never felt the need to hit one of them on their head because of any sort of stupidity. They are both intelligent and realistic people, while also cautious when it comes to their hearts. Creating characters that I can actually care for is a special talent in authors, and therefore, I cannot recommend this title highly enough.

    4 stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews: “In addition to being an imaginative writer, Ms. Pineiro is a daring one as well. She has created an unusual heroine in Ramona by giving her artistic passion and an ailing body that cannot keep up with her larger than life goals. Diego is a very complex character to like. The constant battle between his human and vampire self is intriguing to read. . . There is a depth in every character within this dark, steamy world struggling to keep a balance between humanity and the blood craving clan. Although it has loads of action and beautifully written scenarios, the storyline doesn’t overload the senses while the reader is engrossed deeply in imagining everything.”

    Alternative Worlds: “The vampire romance novels of Caridad Pineiro’s “The Calling” Series are tastefully erotic, very action oriented and character driven. In BLOOD CALLS, number six in the series, the protagonists are afraid to love for very different reasons. Ramona, knowing time is short, is determined to live life to the fullest and meet the goal of seeing her mother cared for in a nursing home for the for the rest of her natural life. Readers will like Ramona but adore Diego whose mixed emotions make him a believable character.”

    Available April 1 at Eharlequin.com or
    Pre-Order it at Amazon
    Pre-Order it at Barnes & Noble

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    5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday is about Wicked Sexy today”

    1. Best of luck with the releases Caridad and I look forward to them arriving on this side of the world!!

    2. Have yet to experience the thrill of Bondage, but I might be tempted to try someday when I brave…

      Have to say Shiloh Walker’s stories were sure a real eye opener – I’m such an innocent *lol*

    3. BRAVA, Gretchen for being the first! Yes, I must confess that it appeals to me as well, both the tying and being tied. I think the one thing that’s scary is trusting someone that much, because you do need to trust your partner during this kind of sexual play.

      But that’s part of what’s enticing — the not really knowing although you think you do.

    4. OK, I’ll break the ice. It’s actually not something that ever really appealed to me. Then I read Shayla Black’s Wicked Ties (my toes are still curled three months later) and now I would say what appeals to me is under appeal.

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