Thoughtful Thursday – What is a Man? Part Deux

I had been bouncing back and forth about what the theme for Thursday should be and decided it would be Thoughtful Thursday, namely discussions on things of a little more serious nature.

Today’s discussion is something we started talking about earlier — What’s a man?

There were so many common themes in that discussion, but it was clear that “a man” was someone who walked beside you and not over you; who held your hand (or kept your head out of the bowl) when you were sick; who supported you.

Using all that criteria, it seems to me in my humble opinion that John Edwards is not “a man”.

Now, rest assured this isn’t a discussion about politics. It’s a discussion about personal values.

I was sad to hear that his wife’s cancer had come back, much as I was sad to hear that Tony Snow’s cancer had returned. It seems to be all around lately, from neighbors to friends to these public people. I lost my mom and dad to cancer, so I know what it’s like.

I’ve seen the spin on the news about Edwards and his wife. How they talked it over. How she wants to do this. How wonderful it is that they are not going to let cancer rule their lives and that many people are living with cancer every day (even those with Stage 4 cancer).

I know about Stage 4 cancer. My mom had it. Granted it was a long time ago, but I know what a battle it can be. I know the highs of thinking you beat it and the lows when it returns. I know that when my dad got it, he was in Spain and my sis and I went to see him and spend time with him. We were glad we did since he died just a few months later.

Through both of these times, I was lucky to have “a man” by my side. Someone who understood and comforted. Someone who put family first when he needed to.

I hope that when Mrs. Edwards needs that, someone is there for her. That there is someone there to hold her hand when she isn’t feeling well or make her laugh to take her mind off things. I hope that she gets to spend as much time as she would like with her kids or her friends.

Somehow, I think this is what’s more important than running a political campaign.

What do you think about this?

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4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – What is a Man? Part Deux”

  1. My hub has been treated for 2 forms of cancer and I can’t imagine doind anything else than being by his side. Nothing else matters when the chemo starts or when the nuclear junk starts runing through the veins.

    I don’t see how any partner can think of anything else but the health of the one the love.

    If John Edwards says he can do both, he’s lying; to his supporters and to himself.

    Besides, he can’t win, so he should just bow out now and concentrate on his wife for as long as he may have her.

  2. I’m still struggling with his decision, Irene. It is a bad thing and it is something that is potentially life-threatening. Dealing with that should be priority #1, not running for President.

  3. He won’t desert her. He will realize he needs to be with her more than be president. Bet on it.

    He may think he can go on, but he can’t.
    What seems like a good idea now, to go on with the campaign, won’t last.

    Bad things happen too often to nice people.

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