Rome Day 2 – The Vatican

The word for today was LINES! Long long lines. We spent nearly 4 hours in lines! The first line was to get into St. Peter’s itself. Just over an hour, but we got to see so many things. Here’s some of them:

The Body of St. Jerome in his crypt in St. Peters

The altar and ceiling in St. Peters

Sammie asking one of the Swiss Guards for Directions to the Vatican Museum

The longest line was the one to get into the Vatican Musuems. It took over two hours!! Inside was one amazing room after another filled with treasures from the Vatican. Golden chalices and gorgeous tapestries and sculptures. Beautiful paintings adorned most of the ceilings and of course, the Sistine Chapel at the very end of the tour after going up and down at least a dozen stairs.

Ceiling in the Vatican Musem

Sistine Chapel

You can imagine that with all that walking around, we were pretty tired. We had been on our feet for over 7 hours so we went back to the hotel for a short rest. Then we were back out and headed to check out the Spanish Steps. Along the way we went through the main shopping area in the Via Condotti and surrounding streets (You’ll see more about these in SECRET AGENT REUNION!)

In front of the Spanish Steps

Of course we had to walk up the steps and back down. Boy, had we worked up an appetite!! More walking, this time Alfredos as in THE ALFREDO who invented Fettuccini Alfredo which of course we had to have. Someone got a little too enthusiastic as you may guess from this close-up of my shirt. 🙂

Alfredo Sauce on — Where’s that TIDE stick when you need it!

Here’s our waiter, busily preparing an order of the famous fettuccini. You’ll have to turn your heads because I forgot the camera doesn’t auto rotate videos.

Alfredo’s in Rome

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More tomorrow on our adventures and research in Rome.


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  1. An hour? That’s not so bad we had to wait an hour and a half for Mission to Mars at DisneyWorld! Looks like you’re having a ball! It looks like the wait was worth it!

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