Rome Day 4 – Exhausto

I don’t think you need to know Italian to know what that word means. Way tired, but enjoying all the different sights.

Today we did some shopping. Nothing fancy, mostly walking around and checking out all the stores near the Spanish Steps. Got a few hairy eyeballs from the salespeople at DIOR and those ultra-expensive shops. By contrast, the people at D&G were quite friendly and we bought a little something.

Weirdest thing we did today — visit the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks where they decorated the altars, etc. with human bones. Macabre to the max! For more on this, you can click here to check out their official site (Make sure to use the link to THE CRYPT).

Here’s some more pictures for you!

Hubby’s face when he heard how much we spent at D&G (just kidding!)

The view out of our hotel room. Those are real oranges on the tree and the smell is heavenly. The orange trees are in a little courtyard which all the rooms surround.

A lot of the cars here are incredibly small.  We saw a PT Cruiser on the street and it seemed huge by comparison.  How small, you wonder?  Check out all of 4’11” Sammie next to the car. 

A daytime shot of the Trevi Fountain

One of the dozens of wild cats at the ruins of Torre di Argentina and Lago di Argentina.  This one looks like our cat Osiris.

Policemen conducting morning traffic through the Piazza di Venezia

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  1. Wish you could include smells and tastes…orange blossoms and all that delicious food. Will settle for photos, though. Sigh.

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