Gulity Pleasures Monday – Daniel Dae Kim

First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your virtual vacation with me! If you dropped me a comment and I didn’t answer, please forgive me but I was surfing on borrowed bandwidth and it was sometimes hard to keep track of all the e-mails and comments.

It’s back to work after vacation Monday, which means I need a double dose of Guilty Pleasure.

This Monday, I’m going for someone totally exotic — Daniel Dae Kim! You may recognize him from LOST.

Daniel Dae Kim

I so definitely find him to be a hottie as does my Fashion Friday consultant Sammie! Daniel was born in Korea, but moved here when he was quite young. I recall reading that his Korean co-star on the show has been helping him brush up on his Korean since that’s what he’s been primarily speaking, but I’ve seen him in a number of spots on different shows and also, in the recent movie THE CAVE (which I believe also had Carlos Cutie Eddie Cibrian).

I think Daniel is going to inspire me to research some Asian demon myths for a future book. Asians have their own equivalents to vampires so I think he might fit in for a novel in THE CALLING.

Should we make him a totally sexy villian or a hero? Let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Gulity Pleasures Monday – Daniel Dae Kim”

  1. You’re so right, Gretchen. He’s a hottie, but he will be the evil villain in Fury Calls I decided. — a kiang-shi. A Chinese vampire.

  2. If he’s going to have that “v” thing hanging out like that it won’t matter what you call him because I most certainly won’t be thinking about his name. :>


  3. I guess I’m always on the lookout for new hero (or villain material). I think I’ve decided he’ll be the villain in THE CALLING #7 — FURY CALLS. He’ll be very very naughty.

  4. I’m torn. Absolutely torn. I don’t know whether to say villain or hero. Notice I left out “sexy” because that’d be redundant for Daniel. LOL.

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