Fashion Friday – Tips for Writers

Fashion is the last thing I think about when I sit down to write. If you’ve seen SECRET WINDOW with Johnny Depp, you know what I am like when I write at home. I roll out of bed, grab my favorite sweater and slip it on. I go make a huge put of coffee, prepare a large cup of it, turn on the television and pick a movie/show and then plop on the couch to write.

For me, it’s all about comfort at that moment since that’s what gets me into the zone for a prolonged writing jag.

Then there’s out in the world writer me. I must confess that in this respect, I am fashion challenged (so much so that my daughter nominated me for that What Not To Wear show).

But, I’ve made some vows about what I will wear when writer me ventures out of the comfy cave and into public.

  • Even though I write vamp novels, I will not dress up like Elvira unless I’m going to a costume ball.
  • Black is beautiful, baby. I’ve decided that there’s no sense in buying any other color, except possibly red, since black is sexy and flattering.
  • I’m accessory-challenged so I’m going to stick to the basics. A little bling at the ears, nice watch and some rings. I just can’t handle a lot of bangles and necklaces.
  • There are no such things as comfy heels, but I’ve discovered some adorable little shoes from Skechers. They are taking a road trip with me to RT for all that time spent on my feet.
  • Long, loose black skirts can be coupled with an assortment of tops and fit multiple occasions. A must have.
  • This weekend, I’ve got to put all this to good use as I start to pack for RT and my legal conference. Hopefully I’ll be able to put something together and also, figure out what to do about those RT costume balls, especially difficult this year when I’m running from one conference to another.

    On an exciting note, look who’s part of the writers featured during the opening ad at Romance Novel TV and looking lawyerly spiffy I might add!

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Tips for Writers”

    1. Thanks, Liz! My daughter picked the glasses and I do like them a lot. She’s the fashion maven and gets that gene from my mom and sis, who are always put together perfectly.

      I wish it hadn’t skipped me!

    2. I totally agree with your fashion tips. I’m accessory challenged as well and have finally given up on the dream of being the “put together” woman. That’s not happening in this lifetime.

      Thanks for the Romance TV ad. I’ll have to mosey on over and check it out. You look very lawerly. You can never go wrong with a basic color suit (black, navy, brown or white) and a colorful blouse.

      The glasses are a nice touch too. I prefer my contacts in the summer though. Otherwise I get that very annoying tan line on my nose, which does not need any extra attention called to it. LOL.

      Have a fantabulous weekend of writing and packing!

    3. Hey C.,
      Love the fashion tip.
      I have three of those sketchers sneakers. I think most writers have them too! They are just so easy. Mine have rinestones on them so I’m sketching it in style.

      Now that summer is in the air I usually go back to my college sense of style of flip flops. Nike just came out with this really cute line of flip flops that are spunky and sporty.

      And as for writing, I was in barnes and noble yesterday for like five gazillion hours with a sweatshirt, jeans and flip flops, sporting the latte and half pony tail look.

      Ahhh. The wonders of being a writer and not having to worry about impressing anyone with wardrobe.

      See you in May at PLRW! (How ironic is it that you are talking about dialogue when Lois was telling me that is what i need to work on in my WIP? How lucky am I?)

      And yes, I love your glasses too!

      Talk to you soon,

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