Guilty Pleasures Monday

I decided to try my hand at an action-packed romantic suspense and started thinking about what the hero would be like. He’s going to be thirtyish, an Army CID officer and really sexy. For some reason, cowboy types came to mind. Maybe it’s that I’m headed to Houston for the RT Convention.
Immediately after that, the inspiration for the hero and this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure burst into my mind! Here’s a clue to the right.

Can you guess who it is?
I fell in love with Tom Selleck when he was the Stetson man. Always watched Magnum PI and loved in him all the Men and a Baby movies. Even now, he’s still a hottie.

Now that I’ve the inspiration for my hero down, I’ve got to see who tickles my fancy for the heroine. Kate Beckinsale comes to mind. What do you think?

Here’s a little Selleck video I found on Youtube to enjoy as well.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday”

  1. I love romantic suspense! Tom has always been one of my favorite actors. He would make a perfect hero!

  2. Okay, Selleck is nice, but he does not have Sam Elliot’s voice or hair.
    Sam Elliot.
    That man could sell me anything, beef, pork, slippers…sigh.
    It must be the tall, rangy thing and then there’s that voice.
    Nobody could sound as if he didn’t care less what anybody else thought more than Sam. Maybe Tom Selleck playing a cranky guy…nope. Not even that.

  3. I was thinking Sam Elliot (as I always do – “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” ah that voice…sigh) but Tom Selleck will do in a pinch.

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