Having a blast at RT!

Here in Houston and busy running around. I’ve met a lot of fans, some of my editors and some old friends from all around the country. Plane ride out was bumpy on account of the tornadoes and a storm front, but today was beautiful.

I promised you some pictures and here they are!

Dinner at the Spindletop with the contest winners. The food was great!!

View from the Spindletop – a reflection of our building on one across the street.

My friend and fellow author Tracy Montoya with Fred, one of the cover models.

Fellow fans with Fred again and Christopher, another of the cover models.

Me and Julia, another fan who is from the Texas area.

Friend and fellow author Anna DeStefano and Christopher, the cover model.

Hope to fill you in better and have some more photos for you tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Having a blast at RT!”

  1. That was a good shot of the building, wasn’t it? I was so surprised it came out since I am not a good photographer!

    Thanks Fred for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed RT as well.

  2. Hey, Caridad!

    Looks like you had an amazing time at RT! I especially like the pic of your building reflected in the other building — cool!
    Glad you had fun!


  3. It was great to finally meet you Caridad, if only for a minute. LOL

    Hope to see you again soon and spend more time chatting.

  4. Had a lot of fun and the cover models were cute! I’ll have more pics shortly. As for the fairy wings, the theme for one of the events was a fairy ball so a lot of people came with fairy wings!

  5. Wonderful pics, Caridad! Man, I don’t know how I’d be able to contain myself with all those hunky cover models roaming the place. Kinda glad I’m not there now ’cause I’d be in a heap lot of trouble…of course…it’d be worth it. ;o) More pictures!

  6. Ok, I was jealous of you with the pictures of Rome, but now, you with the models, I’m really green with envy. lol. Have fun. di

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