Serious Saturday for a change

Weekends are usually a time for relaxing and silliness, but somehow I didn’t feel that way today. My sister reminded me that yesterday, May 4, was the anniversary of the day that we came to the United States.

A time for serious thoughts, especially in light of all the fun at RT and one glaring moment of sadness amongst all that frivolity.

My friend and fellow author, Tracy Montoya, was one of the hosts of the SOS MILITARY MIXER on Saturday. Special guests of military personal, military authors, and the local military families were honored at this special afternoon reception. RT attendees were asked to “Stop in and shake their hand, and tell them thanks!”

Fellow hosts of the SOS party were Julie Miller, Sherry James, Pam Crooks, Elle James aka Myla Jackson, Delores Fossen, and Jeanie London and together with Kathryn Falk and others, they did a wonderful job of acknowledging the sacrifices of these military men, women and their families.

Why was it sad? Because as good a turn out as it was, there should have been more people there. More people supporting and cheering for a group of people who risk their lives so that we might all live safe and in freedom. It saddens me that there weren’t more people there.

These people sacrifice time and time again, so that I might live safe and free in the country I came to so many years ago and which has given me a wonderful life.

So what can you do? Support the USO, SOS and similar organizations, such as America Supports You.

At America Supports You there are tons of organizations offering support in hundreds of ways. Check it out. I know I am going to and am going to show my support by displaying their banner.

You can also join General Motors and A Million Thanks this month by writing a letter of thanks and dropping it off at a participating General Motors dealer.

Finally, whether you are for or against what’s going on, these men, women and their families are there on a mission WE sent them on. It is their duty to answer our call. Let’s not forget them and their sacrifices.

3 thoughts on “Serious Saturday for a change”

  1. The world would be a much better place if everyone (including every government) stood up and fulfilled their commitments the way our service men and women do every day. I too am very grateful that there are people out there willing to defend my right to freedom.

  2. You’re so totally right, Irene. They deserve our support and thanks. Just a simple little card or letter saying so would help make their day.

  3. No matter how anyone feels about the US presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other places in the world that our military people serve, they deserve our support. They are the ones risking their lives 24/7. It is dirty, it is hot, it is foreign and they’re there doing what they consider their duty. Sooner or later these military actions will affect every one of us. Let’s give these brave young men and women our respect and care in any way we can. I’ve been there, I know how it feels….

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