Upcoming Celebration of Sisters Contest on May 15th

To celebrate my sister’s birthday on May 15th, I am having a special one day contest on the blog.

Just drop by and identify the “Special Sister” from THE CALLING series and you could win a copy of DEVOTION CALLS and a CALLING T-shirt for you and your sister (or friend who is like a sister!)

There will be a little clue available at THE CALLING Vampire Novels website (www.thecallingvampirenovels.com) to lead you to the correct answer! Of course, you may already know the name of the “Special Sister” who is a regular character in THE CALLING, so you can answer right away on May 15th.

So mark the date in your calendar, come by and post your answer as a comment to the Celebration of Sisters Blog. Have a funny or inspiring sister story to tell? Feel free to add to the celebration in any way you wish!

Also going on right now, check out the TREASURES FROM THE DARK Contest where you can win great prizes from eight authors of dark romantic fiction: Eve Silver, Caridad Pineiro, Lori Devoti, Michele Hauf, Pat White, Vivi Anna, Nina Bruhns and Nikita Black. Click here for the rules!

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