Contest is here! Happy B’Day Sis!


To celebrate my sister’s birthday, we’re having a contest today!

Just identify the “Special Sister” from THE CALLING series and you could win a copy of DEVOTION CALLS and a CALLING T-shirt for you and your sister (or friend who is like a sister!)

There is a little clue available at THE CALLING Vampire Novels website ( to lead you to the correct answer! Of course, you may already know the name of the “Special Sister” who is a regular character in THE CALLING, so you can answer right away on this blog.

Have a funny or inspiring sister story to tell? Feel free to add to this celebration in any way you wish!

My sis, Carmen, and two of her kids!
My sis and two of her kids

38 thoughts on “Contest is here! Happy B’Day Sis!”

  1. Thank you all for all your b’day wishes and your love for THE CALLING! Plus, you all got it right — DIANA REYES is the special sister! She’s Sebastian’s older sister and a heroine of my heart.

    I’ll be announcing the winner on Thursday and e-mailing them as well to let them know they have won.

    Thanks for visiting with me!

  2. Diana Reyes…….and Happy Birthday to your sister. Mine was on Mother’s day this year.

  3. Diana Reyes is the Special sister in The Calling series. I have a sister who’s 2 years younger than I am. Hope your sister has had a wonderful birthday 🙂

  4. Hi Caradid and happy birthday to your sister. The special sister is diana Reyes. Love your books.

  5. But of course it’s Diana Reyes 🙂 Happy Birthday to your sister. My only sister has a birthday next month! I also have two girls so it’s a neat kind of contest.

  6. Special sister in The CALLING Series is Diana Reyes. My friend Joyce is such a special person to me and we are so close that people actually think that we are sisters. She is sweet funny and loves to laugh, we have gone through two jobs together and are growing old together no matter what or who comes our way. Our vacations are such a hoot, the last time we got so silly because we stop at every Cracker Barrel between here and our destinations. I think we shopped at each of them and came home flat broke. That’s what sisters are for right???

  7. A big Happy Birthday to your sister! Hope she had a great day and her evening is even better.

    The special sister is Diana Reyes.

  8. The special sister from your series is Diana Reyes. I could use some more reading material!!

  9. Diana Reyes is the special sister.

    Happy Birthday to your sister! My sister’s birthday is next week. 🙂

  10. So glad to hear from all of you! Thanks for adding to my sister’s b’day wishes. Also, many thanks for your kind comments about the books!

    I’ll check back later tonight and select a winner which I will post — probably on Thursday.

    Why Thursday? Well someone just gave me free tix to tonight’s Mets game!

  11. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
    The answer is Diana Reyes!
    And I agree with your earlier post about Jan Michael Vincent, in his day he was pretty hot!
    Have a great week!

  12. Happy Birthday to Carmen! Hope its wonderful. And yeah, a beautiful family!

    Answer is: Diana Reyes.

    Have a lovely day everyone, hope y’all get some time today to enjoy a bit of spring.

  13. Thanks to all of you who have posted so far! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the contest!

    Kerri you are a blast! Thanks so much for dropping by and it was my pleasure to do the auction. It’s such a good cause and I hope it helps.

    Yes, my sis and her kids are quite adorable. My godson who is not in the picture is quite handsome as well and they are all way tall — took all the tall genes from me and mine!

  14. You say its your birthday…na na na na nah na na nuh….it’s my birthday too yeah…

    Oh, sorry, its not my birthday but it should be….it feels like a day in desperate need of celebration! What Tuesday doesn’t need a little partying, eh?

    Happy Birthday to your sister! Might I say she and her children are just gorgeous! Wow, some good genetics in your family there chica! 🙂

    Had to stop by to say “hello” and also to thank you for participating in the Brenda Novak diabetes auction. My 6 yr. old daughter suffers from the dreadful juvenile diabetes also and it means so much to me that you are participating. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend.

    Lastly, how cute are those “cast” pics over at the calling site? I was just checking those out and grrrrrr they are hottie mchot. I believe the answer is Diana Reyes but I’m still drooling over Agent Harris’ pic.

    Love and hugs,

  15. Hope your sister and her family has a wonderful birthday celebration! The answer for the contest is Diana Reyes.

  16. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. The answer to the question: Diana Reyes

  17. Happy Birthday Carmen!! Enjoy your special day.
    The special sister from the Calling Series is Diana Reyes.

  18. Hope your sister has a happy birthday it was my brother’s birthday yesterday! Answer to special sister is Diana Reyes.

  19. Happy Birthday to Caradid’s sister. I am sure she is special to him. The special sister from the Calling series is: Diana Reyes.

  20. Hola Caridad, great party. I only have one sister and my best friend , her name is Gloria Also saying hello to your sister Carmen and kids, and wishing her a fabulous birthday.
    MySpace Icons

    Diana Reyes is the special sister.

  21. A Happy Birthday to your sister!

    Answer to the sisters contest question: Diana Reyes! 🙂

  22. Happy birthday to your sister!!! The special sister from The Calling series is: Diana Reyes.

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