Thoughtful Thursday – Bad Reviews

First of all, thanks to all who entered the contest and dropped by to wish my sis happy b’day!

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But now for my Thoughtful Thursday! Bad reviews. Seems only fair that since yesterday I gave you links to some awesome reviews, I mention they are not always that good.

Hard to believe I know. LOL!

For every nice comment you send and good to excellent review that I receive, there is the occasional middling review or worse, a drubbing that makes you want to go hide under a rock.

It stings. It depresses. You e-mail your friends and swear you will never write another book again because you can’t bear to see another review like this one. You run to the local voodoo store and buy a doll and lots of pins. You even go out and get chip-faced on a pint of heath bar crunch ice cream. A bit over the top, yes, but you do sometimes feel that way.

Natural human behavior, but then you climb out from under that rock and read the review again. Decide what was accurate in the review and try to work on making the next one better or avoiding the same mistake again.

It’s all part of the process of growing as a writer. You take the good with the bad. You learn to separate the valid comments from those that don’t offer any constructive criticism.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s the worst review I ever got?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you . . .

6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Bad Reviews”

  1. chip-faced.

    I’m so going to use that phrase on Jarrod the next time he wanders out of the kitchen with a carton of ice cream and a spoon.

  2. I think the ones (critiques anyway – wouldn’t know about reviews :)…) that hurt the worst are the ones that are right on target. I hate that. It’s like when something bad happens and some nosy so-and-so says “everything always works out for the best” and then it does. ooooh I hate when that happens….I’ll take a good wallow over an “eat my hat” any day of the week.

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