Guilty Pleasures Monday – Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul from the Highlander SeriesSo many of you have mentioned this hunk, that I had to pick him for this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure.

If I had to select someone who would play either Ryder Latimer (DARKNESS CALLS, DEATH CALLS) it would probably have to be Adrian Paul. Sexy and sensitive. A warrior and a lover. Woo . . . Getting a little warm here this Monday morning!

What do you think? Could Adrian be Ryder?

FYI — There’s another HIGHLANDER movie – HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE – that’s supposed to be released in September of this year.

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Adrian Paul”

  1. Oh yea! he is just so ymmy to look at! I love the thought of Adrain being Ryder. and i also love the Highlander movies.

  2. OMG!!! Yes!!! Now wonder I just luv Ryder, but thanks for the visual Caridad ;o)

    Ohhh I just adore watching epic movies – thanks. Do you know who the actors are and what’s the storyline to the movie coming out – is there a link ?

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