Wicked Wednesday — Sexy Spies

SECRET AGENT REUNIONToday’s Wicked Wednesday is a sneak peek at some sexy spies. Dani and Mitch have been complaining that I’m devoting all kinds of attention to the vamps and chicas, but ignoring them.

Hard to ignore this week since I just got the cover for SECRET AGENT REUNION which is available in August. You can click here for more info on this release.

missionjulia.jpgNot to mention that MORE THAN A MISSION (where you meet Dani’s sister Elizabeth) is being released in Spanish as Una misión secreta from Harlequin Julia. Here’s the cover, but so far the book is only available in Argentina, Mexico and Spain! I’ll try and find out when it’s available in the U.S. for those of you who can read in Spanish.


When they left the restaurant, she stepped next to Mitch and beneath the shelter of the arm he wrapped around her shoulders. Eased against his side and matched her steps to his, the action making their hips bump together occasionally as they strolled back to the hotel.

The night was hot, with just enough humidity to make being that close to Mitch a trifle warm. The heat between their bodies grew with each step and yet she lingered, the proximity creating a sense of rightness which overrode any discomfort. Besides, she told herself. They were posing as newlyweds and supposed to be doing newlywed things.

Which prompted her to pause at the door to their room and look up at him. Raise her hand and run it through the longer strands of his hair, still a trifle flat from the weight of the wig he had donned earlier in the day.

Mitch leaned one hand on the wall behind her and moved close. The heat of the night was replaced by the heat of his body. Her breath became his in the limited space he allowed her between him and the wall, but she didn’t protest. If anything, Dani suddenly wanted to see where this would go.

After all, she had imagined being with him again thousands, no possibly millions of times, in the three years she had thought him dead.

Dropping her hand, she cradled his jaw. Shifted her thumb to trace the defined edges of his full lips. Lips that were warm and moist beneath her finger as he opened his mouth slightly and tongued the pad of her thumb.

“You taste . . . incredible,” he said and laid his hand over hers. Inched her palm to his mouth where he placed a kiss dead center.

“Is this wise, Mitch? Are we just asking — ”

“For problems?” After he said that, he laid his hand at her waist and inched it beneath the hem of the black t-shirt she had slipped into after the interrogation.

The rough palm of his hand rubbed against skin damp from the humidity. She imagined it elsewhere. Her nipples hardened immediately from the thought and at the center of her she grew moist, drenching the jeans she now wore. She didn’t want to worry about all the reasons why this might now be logical anymore. She was more Action Girl anyway.

“Touch me, Mitch.”

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  1. *happy bounce*!

    (Not that I don’t like your vampires, ma’am. I also like the books where Things Go Foom.)

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