Guilty Pleasures Monday – Eric Close

eric2.jpgNow and Again there’s an actor that grab’s your attention from the get-go. Eric Close did that for me in Now and Again (LOL!) There was something boyish, charming and totally drop dead appealing about him. It was a shame that the show that got such acclaim as being the new 6 Million Dollar Man was cancelled. Shamefully, we could also no longer appreciate Eric’s lean physique and Boy-Next-Door good looks.

Luckily, he wasn’t jobless for long and is now a series regular on Without a Trace. I didn’t get into this show at the beginning, but now do not miss the reruns on TNT and the first runs on CBS.

It’s a great ensemble cast, although I wish Sam Spade (yes, that’s Poppy Montgomery’s name on the show) would stop sleeping with most of the men in the cast. Maybe this FBI Agent just needs to find a vamp like Ryder Latimer to stay faithful!

Anyhow, hope you’re enjoying this Guilty Pleasure Monday and if Eric every goes missing without a trace, you’ll know where to look . . .

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Eric Close”

  1. My first “close encounter” with Eric Close was in the Sci-Fi miniseries “Taken” where he played the Alien Visitor John, the alien who crash lands on Earth and becomes involved with and impregnates a lonely housewife.

    Very appealing character and, as I said, my first encounter with Mr. Close. Yes, I agree, he does have a very sexy, boyish charm. He was also in The Magnificent Seven, a series I didn’t watch when it came out but plan to watch on DVDs sometime soon.

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