A Very Special Week – Ghost Stories

Last week I hosted Henri, the star of The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost. We had so much fun talking about ghosts and ghost stories, that I’ve decided we’re going to have a week long Ghost discussion and mini-contest starting TODAY!

Prizes will include autographed copies of the latest releases from Eloisa James and Lois Winston as well as an autographed copy of DEVOTION CALLS, my January release from Silhouette Nocturne!

What do you need to do to win? Starting today, June 25th, just leave a comment on one of the Ghostly Blogs. It could be just a “Hello” or your own account of a ghostly happening.

So here’s the first Ghostie story for you from my friend, Irene Peterson, whose latest release is KISSES TO GO.

Seeing Ghosts, by Irene Peterson

When someone asked me how to “see” a ghost, I had to think about it.
You either see it or you don’t.
It is either there or it isn’t.

But that doesn’t help.
Remember, ghosts need to borrow your energy in order to materialize.
Unless they save up energy somehow, if it doesn’t dissipate or can be stored in ghostly batteries, they aren’t good for more than a few seconds where you can actually see them.

The signs that there might be a ghost nearby…or a spirit wanting to take your energy…are unusual cold spots in a room and if you are sensitive, the raising of gooseflesh on your arms or neck. (This can be because of the cold or because of the energy transfer.)

Actually, there are electromagnetics involved and EMF meters can and will measure the electromagnetic fields. Drop in temperature, a draft in a room without windows or outside openings will also indicate a spirit trying to manifest itself. You don’t lose anything much, just a bit of energy and you really have plenty more than a spirit can take. They seem to be limited, however, in what they can siphon from a living being. They certainly cannot drain someone’s energy completely. Maybe in Hollywood, not real life. Or death, as it may be.
Infrared cameras can also detect heat differences in a room, which will sometimes outline a form of a spirit in blues and light greens that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Now, as for seeing a spirit, that’s tricky. Providing one is in the right place at the right time, and sensitive enough to feel the presence of a ghostly being, it will happen. For those individuals who are not “sensitive” or are so anxious to find a ghost they give off strong, negative energies, it won’t happen. The negative vibes will chase the spirit away. Fear won’t, but anger and depression will.

TOMORROW: Real Spirit Orbs from one of Caridad’s Family Events

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  1. I have seen a ghost. When my best friend and I rented a trailer, I saw a little boy standing by my bed one morning. He didn’t seem scary just sad. Every day a my nephew’s picture would be turned over and one day a childish drawing appeared on my friend’s bedroom wall that wasn’t there before. It was eerie but not frightening.

  2. Oh boy didn’t realise that this is such a big phenomen out there! I enjoy watching the SciFi channel, but have never experienced any “weird” or unexplained situations in my life. I do sometimes listen to this inner voice that I hear warning me when I listen I’m ok but if I ignore well then you guess it things go wrong. So this clarifies as a ghost encounter, well then move over my friendly ghost Casper *grin*

  3. Wow, that’s an interesting tale. My daughter has always wanted to do a tour of all those ghostly hotels they mention on the Travel Channel. Chicken that I am, I always say NO!

  4. What a great idea for a mini contest. I believe many people are interested in the ghost phenomena. I like to watch ghost hunters just to see what they will do or find. We have a ghost story here in my hometown. We have William Cody’s inn or as better known Bufallo Bill Cody. It.s said that there was a house keeper Miss Kate who worked at the inn for years and never wanted to leave. They promised her she wouldn’t have to and when she passed on they had her creamated and her ashes placed in the wall in her old room. Many people have thought they have seen or heard her ghost. Ghost or folk tale it is still with us. Happy ghost hunting. Gloria

  5. I have had visitations all my life…I am a Sensitive and an Empath. My earliest visit was from a woman dressed in all white with long dark hair…her facial features were very peculiar…when my husband came across a drawing a made of her, he said her face had the characteristics of most of the drawings done by those who had seen aliens. I never made the connection as I felt warmth and protection from her. My Pa(grandfather)came to me in a very vivid dream…it later turned out the dream was a warning….my car caught on fire shortly after I also saw his face in my rearview mirror. I won’t post all the details here as I intend to complete the session on my Pa on my own blog. But Ghosts and Spirits do exist…and there is a huge difference between the 2.
    So remember, if you see a ghost, tell him/her to go on Home but if you see a Spirit, ask if there is a message and please say Thank you to that Spirit.
    With a Smile, Linda-Reducer

  6. Ooh! That’s eerie. Makes you really think. I have never seen a ghost personally but have heard lots of stories from people who have. Guess I am just not ghost sensitive enough.

  7. While pregnant with my daughter, I was very sick. I kept bleeding and was eventually put on total bedrest in mt 7th month, after I had her I went home and began to hemmorage 2 days later and was rushed to a hospital in Indiana, where I’d had my daughter. I was bleeding so much that they had to give me blood, still they could find nothing wrong with any of my tests. They began some mri’s and such when they discovered I had a large cyst on my overy, when they went to remove the cyst however they discovered my appendix was ready to explode.Although my red cel count stayed normal, Indiana has a law, they needed my permission to take the appendix , they woke me then continued the next day with my permission. This all happened 1and1/2 mo’s later (the surgery) I had lost 70 pds and was now sick from the weight loss and in pain, My body refuses narcotic drugs, so the pain was extreme, every night a Nurse would come in hold my hand and talk to me, she would sometime rub my back and once gave me a sponge bath. I tol her my fears, that I would’nt be there for my daughter, I was so tired but scared to sleep because I thought I would pass on. One month later, my Dr. finally agreed to let me go home, I was still weak, it hurt to even walk. I had written a note to the nurse who had come in every night and helped me, but when I described her to the nurses, they all shook their heads there was none there by that name or description! I can still see her clearly to this day in my mind,
    she had red air tied in a low bun with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I had’nt noticed at the time but her dress was a crisp white with burgundy trim at the collar and around her hat that was crested with a burgundy cross. No nurses dress that way anymore they all wear scrubs..that was only 17 years ago… I believed she was a gaurdian angel or perhaps a nurse who loved her patients even after death, I was in the oldest section of the hospital after all.

  8. Not wishful thinking at all. I lost my mom some time ago and there are still times when I feel as if she is by my side and protecting me.

  9. My mom passed on ten years ago and the night after she died I was in bed and getting ready to go to sleep when I heard her voice wishing me pleasant dreams and telling me that she loved me. Pehaps it was wishful thinknig on my part but she always said that if she could she would let me know that there was something for you after you died.

  10. Wow! These stories are great! I guess it’s safe to say your readers believe in ghosts.

    And don’t forget, they rely on your energy to appear. So, if you’ve seen one, you enabled it. Consider yourself “sensitive”.

  11. I’ve never experienced anything other worldly, maybe someday, although, I’m not sure I’d want to. Does anyone watch A Haunting on the Discovery channel? They have some great accounts of peoples experiences on there.

  12. For years I’ve had a ghost with me, evan when I move he (actually saw him once when I was really sick) eventually finds me. My children have evan had expeirences with him. He has never hurt anyone or evan really scared anyone, usually just prank stuff. But I had a boyfriend one time that he scared.

  13. We rode by the house tonight that I used to do the old house tours at, and there were at lease half dozen black cats all over the place. Sitting on the door step, window sills and driveway. That is so eerie.

  14. I was just thinking about this again and remember an experience we had with the Quija board. It so freaked my mom, sister and I that we tossed the board.

    After that experience, I never understood why people considered the Quija board just a game.

  15. I was stationed at Travis AFB in Ca. and was sent TDY to Fairchild AFB in Washington state. I love riding motorcycles and had my bike ready for the run. My journey took me through the mountains and winding turns which are beautiful and I enjoy. I was traveling light and would stop every now and then to snaps some photos and relax.
    When I got to the base I completed my TDY and headed back to Travis. I was tired and it was o’dark 30. The bugs on the face shield were getting thick and I stoped at a gas station to wash them off and ask directions to the nearest motel. The hole in the wall gas station had a flickering light and I was not sure that it was open. I pulled in anyway to get some fuel and stretch. I went to the pump and tried to turn it on and it was not on. I washed the bugs off of my faceshield when I saw the old guy sitting on a bench outside by the front door and greeted him. I asked how he was, he replied that he was fine and dandy. I asked him about a motel and why the pump was off. He said that the owner was called out on a tow job and had shut off everything except the lights. He went on to say that he’d be back in 1/2 hour or so. He told me to relax, gave me directions to the motel and asked me about the military gear on my bike. He told me that he was in the war and was Army. We spoke about a lot of military things, places we’d been and so on. I looked at my watch and it was 0200. He told me that he heard the tow truck coming back and as I looked down the road I saw the headlights of a truck headed our way. I offered him a smoke and he said no thanks as I pulled one out and lit one up. The truck started pulling into the station and I walked into the light so the owner wouldn’t think that I was there to rob the place. I walked over to the truck and asked him if he was going to turn everything on so I could pump some gas. He said to wait for a couple of minutes and it would be on. He was friendly as most country people are. He saw my bike and gear asked me where I was headed and I told him the motel a few miles down the road. He knew I was not from around there by my California plate and asked me if I’d been through here before. I told him no that I went one way to Washington and decided to take a different way home. I told him the older man on the bench in the front told me where the motel was. He went silent which gave me the creeps. He asked me to describe the guy. I told him and the driver told me that it was not possible and that the guy I described was the previous owner and that he’d passed on some 10 years ago. When I looked back towards the bench, the old guy was gone. I told the tow truck driver to quit pulling my leg. I filled up the bike and put my brain bucket back on fired up the bike, when the driver walked up to me and showed me the paper clipping with the obit and the old timer’s picture wearing a WWII Army uniform. The hair on my skin stood up and I did not stop the rest of the night. I drove on till morning thinking about a friendly spirit and wondering what the guy was like. I was also glad to be putting miles between me and that place.

  16. This happened a few years back, we were living in old shotgun house in the downtown Baton Rouge area of Louisiana – beautiful place.

    One morning when I was about to step out of the shower I quickly threw back the curtain to find my great aunt and grandmother standing there. Not such a big deal, only they’d been dead for a few years.

  17. I’ve heard some renowned persons with abilities to contact those “on the other
    side” say that visitations can be as
    simple as appearing in a dream. If that
    is so, then I have enjoyed visits from
    many of my relatives: Mother. Daddy,
    grandparents, aunts, cousins, they have
    all come by for a brief encounter.

    Pat Cochran

  18. I’ve always enjoyed anything that’s beyond the norm – just because I may never have seen one – doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I’m enjoying all the posts.

  19. I’ve never been lucky enough to have any ghostly visits, but my sister swears our Grandma & Aunt visit her.

  20. Many movies have interpreted quite clearly how a ghost looks like, such as “Ghost” or “The Sixth Sense” and I felt myself many times like that cute boy saying, “I can see ghosts, and they are everywhere!” Even when I am writing, I can hear them whispering on my ears, sometimes words that I want to say, yet I don’t know the meaning. Maybe those are my guides or higher beings (for they surely do have a much larger vocabulary than I, no doubt they do!;) So, when I hear or read about those stories, I have my eyes wide open. Thank you so much for sharing the many amazing experiences you all have.


  21. I think I have a ghost in my house. We often here someone walking the halls when we’re all in the living room, plus it takes things, then returns them like 5 minutes later. I leave my room, literally turn around in the door, something is missing, turn around and back again and it’s back!! My ghost is just a trickster though, nothing evil about him. We named him George.

  22. Great! I love ghost stories. Just not enough of them out there. I’ll be sure and make a list of the titles for my TBB list.

  23. Of course we have here in Finland all those casles (most were built with defence in mind), ghosts included. There are even some ghosts who haven’t liked the castle they have been living in, so they have moved to another.

  24. I didn’t believe until I moved to a small town and my friend told me about her house. Still didnt believe but then little things would happen. A light left on when NO ONE could possibly have come home. Things moved and no one in the room. Something happened with my friends mother, she was at the sink washing dishes and thinking her daughter walked in the room was talking to her. Felt her daughter lay a hand on her shoulder- but realized it felt cold and not warm…turn to say that she should dress up for warmth she was astounded to realize there was no one visible in the room with her.
    There were a few other things like a OUIJA board event that had 5 of us so terrified we ran across the road to someones house with butcher knives in hand and destroyed the board ASAP-but thats a long one. Suffice to say- I truly do believe in ghosts.

  25. Well, I don’t know if I believe in ghost of not I have never seen one, but I love reading about them. Maybe you have to believe really strong to see one.

  26. I love ghost stories. My niece took a pic on my digital camera. When we got looking at it, it wasn’t even what she had took. There was a large skeleton hand that looked like it was trying to grab someone for the picture. Everything in the background looked like it had been turned the other way. We can’t explain this pic at all, nothing in our house would reflect that or anything. It’s really spooky. And that isn’t the first picture that we took in the house that showed something else.

  27. I myself have never seen a ghost but my mom has so I believe in them. After her brother died she had a couple of different experiences that happened that she believed was her brother trying to contact her.

  28. I think that when kids are young, they can’t perceive the difference maybe? But it is weird that there so many similarities between his friend and the old man.

  29. Oooh…what a great topic. I just love ghost stories. I have a ghost in my new home & she scares the crap out of me all of the time – especially if I fall asleep on our living room couch. She constantly wakes me up by tapping me on my shoulder & then running away laughing. She seems to be about 6 or 7 & extremely mischevious. My husband has only seen her once on the day that we moved in when we slept on an air mattress in the living room. She woke us both open by standing at our heads & singing some type of nursery rhyme.

  30. I don’t know if he actually SAW the old man and his cat, but it sure was weird that he had told all these things about his imaginary friend when he had never actually known the old man or even heard about him. Who knows, maybe the old guy still does come here for a daily visit with his cat (or cats, as had more than one over the years). I just don’t know anything about it.

  31. Thanks for your story, January. (Cool name by the way!)

    I think that opening yourself up to the possibilities is key for actually feeling or seeing something.

    I think that’s why children see some things more easily than adults.

  32. I have heard that when my cousin was little and visiting at the summer cottage around here, he had this imaginary friend, an old man who hated dogs, who had a cat and who lived near by. What makes it eerie is the fact that there really had been an old man who hated dogs, who had a cat and who lived near by. Only he had been dead for quite some time by then and I was told no had told my cousin about him (the old man had died before my cousin was even born). And he was also our relative.

  33. I used to do old house tours, had the costume I made and everything. The owner stuck me in a room upstairs in the back of the house. She asked me if I saw anything unusual because when she rented the upstairs rooms to local workers, the men would comment on seeing a young woman wandering the halls. Evidently she had a ghost that only appeared to men. I never saw anything but during the tour it was very quiet all day up there, so I read one of her old books on another local haunting that we have. This house is also located near a house that was a confirmed stop on the Underground Railroad. I believe anythings possible if you open your mind to it.

  34. Don’t have a ghost story but wanted to leave this comment for casper in case he held the luchy key to win a book,,,,

  35. I had a friend in Jr High who had a ghost in her house. they named him Luigi.
    I never saw him, but often felt him. He would often open doors for me. I’d be walking towards a bedroom and sure enough the door would swing open for me.
    He even ate one of my candy bars. We were in her house and no one else was home. I’d left my coat in her room for about an hour. When we went back it was in another position and the candy wrapper was empty.
    Guess he needed it more than I did.

  36. *Shiver* sounds like a interesting week coming up! Don’t have any scary stories to share…

    But I do love Casper the friendly ghost *lol*

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