Freaky Friday – Time to find out if you believe!

First of all, many many thanks for all your comments and sharing stories of your own. I love that sharing brings us all together from all different parts of the world.

So now I must ask: After this week, do you believe in ghosts? Not sure? Why not take a few minutes and take this quiz? See how you rate as a Ghost Believer. Here’s the link to the quiz:

Ghost Week Quiz: (in case you can’t use the link)

Take a moment and leave your comments or tell us about a personal ghost experience!

Hope you had a fun week with the ghosties. I’ll be posting the winner of the contest on Sunday.

Here’s how I did on the quiz! If you want, you can cut and paste the code to the right at the end of the screen into a comment to let us know how you did on the quiz!

You’re 55% part Ghost Believer


Sitting on the fence, but definitely leaning toward being a believer. Not ready for a ghost visit of your own, but you are getting there. Still a little wary about making contact.

Ghost Week Quiz
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10 thoughts on “Freaky Friday – Time to find out if you believe!”

  1. You’re 43% part Ghost Believer
    I was suprised that my score was this high. I have never thought about ghost that much. I like reading about them and watching shows about them but that’s about it. I love to watch the Ghost Whisper.

  2. The quiz results say that I am a 60% ghost
    believer. I feel that is actually a little low
    for me, but I’ll go along with their reading.
    It has been an interestingly “ghostie” week and I look forward to upcoming subjects.

    Pat Cochran

  3. I was surprised that I came out at 71% considering myself a real skeptic and really surprised after seeing your story yesterday Caridad that you were less a believer than me. Go figure…gj

  4. okay not sure why this doesn’t want to show… so here goes ;o) perhaps a friendly ghost is around *lol*

    You’re 39% part Ghost Believer  You are on the way to possibly believing, but need some more proof. You are also possibly fearful of ghosts and that keeps you from embracing the concept.Ghost Week QuizSee All Our Quizzes

  5. 62%

    The word “skeptic” comes from the Greek, “those who know nothing.” After this week, it would be hard not to believe there is something to this ghost business.

    But, do we really want to see one or just read about seeing one?

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