Wicked Wednesday — Winners and Women

happy_fourth.gifWell, it’s the 4th of July and we’re celebrating our independence here in the USA! Happy Fourth to all of you!

Still waiting to see if they’ve moved the site to the new location, but I did promise to announce the winner of the Ghost contest today — Crystal B! You are the lucky winner. Please send your postal address to cpsromance@att.net

On another note about winners, ESPN is having a contest about “Who’s Now”. People are supposed to vote for the athlete who is the hottest now because of both their athletic prowess and ability to get buzz in the news.

Several of the match ups include women athletes and because of that, I’m asking all of the women who visit the blog to head over ESPN and help boost them in the contest. I was a jock myself at one time and remember how hard it was to compete against the men for money, field time and recognition.

So, here’s to our winner Crystal and also, to these women athletes for breaking ground!

Here’s the days on which you can vote for the women and who they are up against.

The Brackets:

July 4: (3) Steve Nash vs (6) Serena Williams

July 5: (1) Peyton Manning vs (8) Amanda Beard

July 12: (3) Reggie Bush vs (6) Danica Patrick

July 14: (4) Maria Sharapova vs (5) Vince Young

So just click on this link: ESPN WHO’S NOW ( or http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/sportsnation/whosnow) and cheer on these women!

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