Fashion Friday – Freaking out!

I’m freaking out about what to wear today! I’m off to my alma mater, Villanova University, because they want to interview me for the Villanova magazine. I am so honored! I love getting the magazine and reading about what’s happening at the school, the students and all the alumni.

But now I’m wondering what to wear? Suit? Dressy casual? Dress (no way!)

Villanova was a great experience for me, although not fashion-wise. Like most college kids, I lived in jeans, T-shirts or polo shirts. Occasionally I’d pull out a dress for one of the special events, like a Parent’s Weekend dinner or meeting the deans at a party.

What was life like at Villanova? I was a science major so that meant long hours in the labs, followed by nights in the library or one of the study halls.

A science major you say? Yep, I wanted to go to medical school at one time, but it didn’t work out, but you know the saying about how when God closes one door, he opens another. All things considered, not getting into medical school was probably the best thing that happened for me and my family, but more on that some other time.

I roomed at Sheehan Hall which is in the quad. It was an all girls dorm and faced the all boys dorm, Sullivan Hall. We weren’t allowed to visit each other in the dorms back then, which could explain the smile on the faces of my parents as they pulled away after dropping me off.

When the weather got warmer, everyone would be out in the quad or at Sheehan Beach (Check out the “Soap” the students did called Sheehan Beach) Music would blare out the windows on the weekends. Bruce for the NJ folk and Billy Joel for the New Yorkers.

Studying was hard, but life was great and I have to say, Villanova prepared me for the future in so many ways. For starters, if I hadn’t gotten a scholarship from them, my parents would have really struggled to put me through school. Getting a college degree was a stepping stone for not only law school, but for opening my mind to so many different ideas and people. That of course opened me up to the possibilities of what I could do creatively and professionally.

Although I suspect that none of my English profs thought they had a budding romance novelist in their midst. LOL!

Anyway, just sharing those thoughts with you today as I head to the closet to ponder what to wear.

Hope you all have a great weekend! As soon as I find out when the interview will come out, I’ll see if we can get a link to it somehow.