Wicked Wednesday – Wickedly Short but tempting!

excited.gifToday’s post is wickedly short because on Wednesday morning I am on my way to Dallas for the national conference of the Romance Writers of America! I’ll try keeping you posted during the rest of the week about all the exciting events at the conference.

Despite that, I couldn’t leave you without a wicked pleasure for today so here’s an excerpt from my upcoming August release, SECRET AGENT REUNION from Silhouette Romantic Suspense.


What Dani wanted most was to forget the past and not worry about the future. As for the now — she was certain what she wanted now more than anything else was Mitch. Maybe satisfying that need would bring needed perspective.

She answered him with a kiss, soft at first against those hard unyielding lips. Inviting him gently to go with her. To share the respite passion brought if only for a few hours.

Beneath the urging of her mouth, his gradually relaxed. The muscles of his body loosened as he allowed himself to respond to her kiss. To the way she nearly ate him up, as if he was the only form of sustenance that could nourish her.

Maybe he was. Maybe the bleakness of her life in the last three years was all due to his absence.

She refused to consider how it would be when he left again.

As he shifted his body to the side, she took advantage of her freedom and rolled, bringing him beneath her. It let her capture his face in her hands. Cradle his strong jaw as she kept on kissing him, her mouth opening on his. Tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue. Biting and sucking at his lower lip and welcoming the thrust of his tongue into her mouth until it wasn’t enough.

She sat up slightly and sucked in a rough breath, trying to rein in the hammering beat of her heart.

Mitch met Dani’s gaze and dragged in a long inhale, needing control when what he wanted to do more than anything was rip off all her clothes and take her. Hard. Fast. Tenderly. Slowly. Hell, he just wanted her over and over and over again until his body refused to work anymore.

Using his greater strength, he surged back and sat up against the headboard, Dani firmly settled in his lap and against his erection. His mouth never left hers, except to gulp in the occasional breath and even then, it seemed like too much time away from her.

When she flexed her hips, driving herself tighter against him, he groaned and moved his head down, to the crook of her neck.

She cupped the back of his head with one hand while yanking his t-shirt from his pants. When she slipped her hand beneath to stroke his side, a shudder ripped through him.


“Don’t stop, Dani. I want your hands on me. All over me,” he said and she complied, dragging the shirt up and over his head and laying her hands on his shoulders.

He met her gaze then, and knew she wanted the same, but first he had to have a taste.

Bending his head again, he licked at the spot at the crook of her neck and followed up with a gentle love bite. It dragged a shocked sharp breath from her, but she urged him on.

“Bite me again,” she said and cupped him to her while she moved her free hand across his shoulder. Dipped it down and cupped the swell of his chest.

He bit down again lightly. Licked the spot playfully, eliciting a quick laugh from her. Then he began to suck, gently at first, but then more forcefully and as he did so, Dani moved her hips in a matching rhythm. Moaned as he pulled hard enough to bruise her skin.

Mark her as his, he realized and his erection swelled painfully with the thought. She was his. Well, at least for now and he knew just what she liked. What she wanted and told her.

“I want to taste you,” he said, grabbed the neck of her t-shirt and with one powerful tug, rent the garment in half, exposing her breasts with their rock hard tips.

Fulfilling his desire, he brought his mouth to one peaked nipple and took it into his mouth while pleasuring its mate with his fingers. She tasted sweet. Salty from the light sweat covering her body.

She tasted like Dani, a unique essence he craved beyond belief.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he said and moved his mouth to her other breast, sucking and biting. Rotating the wet peak of its mate with his fingers.

Dani dragged in a shaky breath and dug her fingers into the hard muscles of his shoulders, trying to steady a world quickly spinning out of control with his actions. With his words, exciting her. Making her so wet and needy that she was almost ready to come.

But she didn’t want to rush. And she wanted to pleasure him. Touch every inch. Taste every millimeter of hard muscle. Suck him into her mouth and feel him swell and jerk beneath her lips.

She applied gentle pressure to his shoulders, slipping out of his lap and earning a protest from him until he realized her intent. Then his hands were quickly helping hers to undo his jeans and drag them down his legs until he lay naked before her.

As she had thought, he was more muscular, with every line of his body cleanly chiseled. She kneeled beside him and laid her hand on his abdomen. Traced the long thin line from his navel upward where the knife had bitten deep into him. Bending, she replaced her hand with her mouth, kissing the length of the scar and then continuing upward, until she was at a spot right above his heart.

She dropped another kiss there, ripping a groan from him.

“Dani. I — ”

She covered his mouth with her hand and shook her head. “No words. No promises. Nothing but pleasure, Mitch,” she reminded, because she was already afraid that this was about so much more and she was certain she couldn’t handle it. Couldn’t go through with it if she thought it was about more than physical satisfaction.

Mitch’s mouth hardened into a tight line and then he erupted, pinning her to the mattress. His naked body pressing against her, rough. Almost punishing at first until his grasp gentled and the harsh lines on his face relaxed.

“Just pleasure, then,” he said . . .

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  1. Great excerpt! Have a safe trip and enjoy Caridad! I have never been to RWA or RT so enjoy it enough for me too. 🙂

  2. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet (saving it for being away from work so I can enjoy it). Have a ball at Nationals and if you see any of the MARA Gang say howdy for me! They’re a fun bunch, Heather Snow and Carla Cassidy particularly. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!


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