Thoughtful Thursday – Jane Green, Author of SECOND CHANCE

Many thanks to New York Times Bestselling Novelist Jane Green for visiting with us and sharing her thoughts on this Thoughtful Thursday.

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Now without further ado, Ms. Jane Green!

1. At one time you were a journalist. What inspired you to turn to writing fiction?

  • I’m completely non-competitive in life, but horribly competitive in work. A friend of mine suddenly wrote a book out of the blue and signed a publishing deal, and I thought that as a journalist it would be ridiculous for me not to do the same thing. As naive as it now sounds, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get a deal, and Straight Talking, my first novel, seemed to pour out of me. At the time I had just read Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, and I was inspired to write a novel for the thirty-something single woman in the same way that he had captured the plight of the thirty-something single man.
  • 2. You’re credited for helping to create the chick lit genre, but the nature of your latest book seems to be a departure. How do you think fans of your earlier books will react to SECOND CHANCE?

  • It’s always very difficult to move in a different direction, but the truth is all of my books since Bookends have been steadily moving away from the younger, frothier books that I started with.

    When I first started writing I was single and in my twenties, and now, as I approach forty, a divorced mother of four, I have a very different life, and I’m simply not interested in writing about the things I used to.

    I have a tremendous number of letters from readers my age and older who are only recently picking up the books and say they love them, had no idea I was writing for them, and by the same token every time I look at amazon there seems to be an angry twenty-something who tells me that I should stick to ‘chick lit’.

    I think it’s very hard for some of the younger girls who have discovered my earlier books now, to realise that the more recent books are older, and writing about subjects and themes that are impossible for them to relate to.

    I also think these are the problems with being categorised as a ‘chick lit’ author. The term implies something fluffy, frothy, and young, whereas I like to think of it as being commercial women’s fiction that is an accurate reflection of the lives real women are living today, whether they’re in their twenties, or, as in my case, thirties, forties and older.

  • 3. You’ve recently moved and are starting some renovations to your home. Having done some myself, I know how distracting they can be. How do you keep focused on your writing during such times?

  • I have moved a couple of times since then – I’m now in a rental by the beach, and haven’t had to do any renovating at all, although I will confess to putting in a garden, because I just couldn’t bear another summer of not growing my own vegetables. However, with or without renovations, I am incredibly easily distracted, so these days I write my books at the local library.
  • 4. You had a number of signings in June to kick off SECOND CHANCE. What
    was the thing you found to be the most fun about the signings?

  • I adore meeting the readers. Writing is so solitary, it’s rare you get a chance to really feel how your books have touched people – I get a huge number of emails, but it’s so wonderful to actually meet people face to face and hear their stories.
  • 5. You grew up in the United Kingdom, but now live in the States. What’s the biggest difference that you notice between the two besides which side of the road we drive on?

  • I love the quality of life here – that I’m an hour outside of Manhattan, and yet I live by the beach and my children have tons of green and blue sky. I love the freedom and possibility that exists in America, and I miss the sarcasm and self-deprecation in England – Americans tend to take themselves somewhat more seriously. I always get nostalgic for England when I go back there, but I am so very happy in America, feel so at home, I’m pretty certain I’m here to stay.
  • 6. If you had one wish, what would it be?

  • Health, happiness and peace.
  • Thank you so much Ms. Green for dropping by to blog with us!

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    1. Nice interview and I like being let into an author’s personal life as much as they are willing to share; thanks.
      The beach house sounds great and the garden with the fresh produce will be heavenly. Do you consider gardening as a hobby?

    2. Thank you for the interview. I have never read a book by Jane Green but they look interesting.

    3. Great interview Cardidad and Jane 🙂
      Visited your site, Jane, I liked looking around checking out your books. Beautiful answer to #6 🙂

    4. Great interview!!!! I have a couple of questions for Jane.

      What were some of the greatest joys after the release of your first book?

      What is the one piece of advice you received from another writer that you still heed today?

      If you weren’t a writer, what would you like to be doing?

    5. Enjoyed the visit and the introduction to a new author i have not read. Thanks for the information. Jane’s books sound like ones I like to read

    6. I really enjoy reading about new to me authors and it makes a big difference in finding new books/authors – thanks for a great interview.

    7. Jodi Picoult will be coming to South Africa soon … I noticed from your website that she was part of the Cosmopolitan Fun and Fearless Fiction Awards, can this mean that you too might be venturing a visit to South Africa and making a tour with your book – Second Chance?

    8. Great interview with insightful questions!
      It gives us an idea of where Ms. Green is
      coming from, both as an established author and in her private life. Thanks for the
      chance to get to know a bit about who
      Jane Green is!!

      Pat Cochran

    9. Great interview ladies! The questions were unique and the answers insightful. And I have to tell you I am so looking forward to Jane stopping by my blog later this month.

      Jane, your new home sounds lovely. Good luck with life as a single mom and I wish you continued success in writing.


    10. Thank you for sharing your answers and if I may Jane can you answer some of my questions too.

      What is your most treasured possession and why is it?
      Complete the sentence: My greatest extravagance to date has been…
      The 3 people I would most like to invite for a dinner…and why?

    11. Welcome Jane, so nice to meet another author that I can add onto my wishlist. I so enjoy reading and always on the lookout for other stuff to read ;o)

    12. What a great interview! Jane, never listen to those readers who tell you to “stick to chick lit”. You need to write what your heart, and your Muses, tell you to!

      You write from the heart and I commend you for doing so! Fantastic work!


    13. Jane: That was quite an informative interview. I feel I got to know you on a more personal level, very enjoying. I have one question: How do you manage your time among family, activities, etc to write? This would be some helpful advice. Thanks y mucho amor!

    14. Nice interview, I liked the different questions. I have a question for Jane is there genre of writing that you haven’t tried yet that you would like to? What is your biggest challenge as an author? My son would like to become a jouralist, any advice?

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