Fashion Friday – Hazmat Suits

img106.jpgI have to confess that the sane person inside of me is freaked by what is going on outside my office door. This morning there were even more police and clean-up crews as well as large trucks and tankers hauling stuff away. This is what it looked like this morning.

So, regular me is a little concerned. Maybe more than a little concerned.

The writer in me is busy memorizing every little detail and wondering, “Is it possible to make a heroine sexy in a Hazmat suit?”

Photo courtesy of the Santa Clara County Fire Department WebsiteLuckily, the Santa Clara County Fire Department has made it easy for me to imagine Hazmat clothing as fashion wear!

Notice the wide inviting grin and sexy lean to the hip. Imagine having to take off each piece of equipment. Slowly. Delicately. Carefully, damn it. The stuff is contaminated!

It reminds me of the scene from IN THE LINE OF FIRE with Rene Russo and Clint Eastwood. They are both Secret Service Agents guarding the President and are alone one night in a hotel room when passion strikes. Of course, first they have to get rid of their holsters, radios, ear pieces, etc. It was quite a scene to watch them fumble with the trappings of law enforcement while on their way to a passionate encounter.

So, do you think it will work? Do you think we can make the Hazmat clothing fly on one of my future heroines?

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Hazmat Suits”

  1. Caridad, If uniforms of other kinds (police,
    medical, flight jumpsuits, etc.) can be integrated into a variety of tales, then surely Hazmat gear can be entered into
    your books. Lets see – one of the Miami
    chicas becomes a firefighter, a hazardous
    material spill occurs, to which she is part
    of the group that is called to the scene.
    Add to the story: she is attracted to one
    of her team members, yet feels the attraction is improper because she is his
    lieutenant, enter conflict in a Hazmat
    Pat Cochran.

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