Wicked Wednesday – Sex after 40

SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN, Available September 2007 from Downtown PressIt got ugly last night. Besides the Mets bullpen blowing Tom Glavine’s 300th career win, I had the Secret Agents squaring off against Sylvia and her South Beach Chicas for who would get today’s Wicked Wednesday spotlight. Like I said, Ugly. Dani and Mitch can kick major ass, but Sylvia is quite determined as you’ll discover in SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH HER MAN which will be out in September.

So who won?

Virginia, Sylvia’s mom. Mother knows best after all and one of the things that I so totally liked about the next CHICAS book is that it shows that love is sometimes better the second time around and that sex after 40 is possible (in fiction at least).

I loved Virginia from the first time she sprang to life on the pages. I knew she deserved to find happiness with someone special and I immediately understood that the someone special was Pablo, Sylvia’s dad. Virginia and Pablo’s story, and how it affects Sylvia, was a unique one that needed to be told and so, here’s one of the scenes from SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH HER MAN featuring Virginia and Pablo’s love story.

***Warning: For Mature Audiences***

She laid her head against his chest and swayed with him to the nearly indistinct sounds of the music. The low bass beats carried through the night air, slightly louder. Or maybe it was the beat of her heart. Of his. Low and steady. Close against her breast.

He moved one hand up and placed it in the middle of her back. His skin hot. The roughness of it enticing.

She picked up her head and met his gaze. His eyes seemed an even darker green in the dim light, but his smile was brilliant as he asked, “Are you having a nice time?”

With a nod, she said, “Very nice. There’s only one thing that might make it even nicer.”

His smile broadened and he dipped his head until his lips were only an inch from hers. “De verdad? And what would that be?”

She raised herself on tiptoe, eliminating that final inch of distance. With a whisper against his lips, she said, “This.”

The kiss began innocently enough, with the simple meeting of their lips. Followed by another kiss and then another until they were straining toward each other, hungry for more.

“Maybe it’s time we went somewhere — ”

“More private?” she said and without missing a beat, snagged his hand and led him back toward the limo, where Pablo asked the driver to take them for a ride around town.

He helped her into the back seat, slipped in beside her and immediately put up the privacy screen. After, he reached for her and eased her onto his lap where once again, they resumed the kiss.

Virginia opened her mouth to his, accepted the thrust of his tongue. He tasted like his wine and the sweet berries they had shared for dessert. In between kisses, she said, “Sylvia warned me about this.”

“Really? But who kissed who first, amorcito?” he teased and worked his way to the edge of her mouth and then down to the crook of her neck and shoulder.

She held his head to her, shuddered as he sucked there and then soothed the spot with a kiss. “That feels good.”

“Hmm. I’d like to feel that, too,” he confessed and with clumsy fingers, she undid his tie and shirt collar, bent her head and sucked on him.

His skin was salty. Undeniably masculine. The muscles of his upper shoulder firm. She bit down and he groaned, slipped his hand to the middle of her back and urged her closer.

But the only way to accomplish that was to straddle his legs, which she did, bringing the hard length of his erection to nestle between her legs.

She paused at the pressure of him there and looked down at him. “You do have protection, don’t you? I promised Sylvia I’d be responsible.”

Pablo chuckled and laid his hands at her waist, keeping her hips immobile. “I’ve heard it said that children get in the way of romance. I just never thought it would happen quite like this.”

Virginia laughed and cradled his face in her hands. “Is this a romance or are we two sad, old people grasping at our youth?”

The mirth on Pablo’s face softened, but didn’t completely recede. With care and patience, he slipped his hand beneath the edge of her dress. Slowly moved upward until he was cupping her naked breast in his hand. Her nipple beaded immediately and he smiled at that.

“Old? I’ve always heard that a woman in her forties is at her prime sexual peak.” As if to emphasize his point, he grasped the tip of her nipple and gently caressed it, drawing a gasp from her.

“It seems that may be right,” he said and reached up with his other hand, undid the single button at her neck that held up the front of her dress. As he did so, the fabric spilled downward, baring her breasts to him. He cupped both of them and ran his thumbs over the tips.

She sucked in another breath and bit her lip. When he bent his head and kissed one breast and then the other, she cradled his head to her, but she nearly fell off his lap when the car swerved to one side.

Pablo reached out and braced a hand on the door to keep them on the seat. As their position steadied, he looked up at her. “Sorry.”

She urged his head to her once again, needy of his mouth on her. Of the spark inside her that hadn’t been ignited so long, but as another bounce had them holding on to each other, she said, “This is insane, you know.”

Pablo pulled away and reached for the front of the dress to put it back on, but she stopped him. When he looked up at her quizzically, she clarified, “It’s insane to be getting bounced around in the back of this limo when we have a perfectly comfortable bed waiting for us back at my house.”

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